ROAMWORKS U.S.A. and Standard Filter Corp. Ramping up to Meet the Energy and Environmental Information Needs of Manufacturers

ATLANTA -- ROAMWORKS U.S.A., a global provider of remote monitoring software and solutions, today announced that California-based Standard Filter Corp., a world-leading manufacturer of industrial air filters, will be launching a family of industrial monitoring systems through its portal.

The DustLink and MixLink product offerings from Standard Filter allow manufacturing plants to remotely monitor and report day-by-day production data through a sensor-based web application. Designed to offer users real-time visibility into energy usage, conditional alerts, technician routing, and environmental compliance, these applications help analyze and report on inefficiencies or emergency situations within the plant without any need for on-site Internet.

Toby Wiik, President/CEO of Standard Filter states, "Valuable data that once terminated at gauges in the control room can now be securely moved throughout the organization. Key process indicators can now be funneled real-time to the desktops, smartphones and tablets of personnel who need to know. It's the next logical step in cloud-based computing for industrial sites and it takes less than a day to be up and running in most cases."

Operating over a secure data connection, ROAMWORKS flexible open-architecture platform ROAM(TM), feeds both applications the real-time data from these sensors to any location that has a web browser or over any internet-enabled device through their secure hosting facilities around the world. The DustLink and MixLink applications provide users the key features and reporting required to monitor their plant and sends alarm notifications to all designated users via text or email, simplifying compliance and increasing plant efficiency.

Gary Page, President for ROAMWORKS U.S.A. adds, "With the new EPA mandates and now the pending legislation from the State of California, Standard Filter is working pro-actively to automate their customers' operational processes through wireless technology. The ROAM platform takes the data from many different sensors and distributes that data to an intuitive monitoring dashboard offered by Standard Filter's DustLink and MixLink applications. This type of reporting opens up a whole world of possibilities for manufacturers and guarantees a profitable outcome."

ROAMWORKS platform, ROAM(TM) (Remote Operational Asset Management), consists of three layers to service business customers providing remote monitoring and asset tracking solutions. Through expert business development services and strategic global partners, ROAM is compatible with countless hardware and network configurations and has a full-feature set of applications designed for specific markets, allowing customers the ability to be monitoring or tracking their assets in days.

Compliance with environmental reporting and the manufacturer's internal productivity reports are now turnkey through the remote monitoring system. Users have immediate unified access to the data from all their industrial sites world-wide enabling them to control their manufacturing processes safely and efficiently.


Founded in 2000, ROAMWORKS sets a new standard in mobile and fixed asset tracking and monitoring. Drawing on decades of wireless experience - with particular emphasis in communications and messaging, software design for multi-level user interaction, distribution and logistics, facilities management, financial services, and data security - our engineers and executives have delivered revolutionary market applications now used in over 30 industries across the globe. With corporate offices in Atlanta (USA), Dubai (UAE), Bonn (Germany), and Cairo (Egypt), ROAMWORKS is constantly evolving to quickly fulfill niche market demands and improve business performance for customers worldwide. For more information, visit our website at

About Standard Filter Corp.

Founded in 1973, Standard Filter is a vertically integrated manufacturer of replacement air pollution control filters used to achieve compliance with federal (EPA), state and local regulations. These filters, both filter bags and filter cartridges, are found in baghouses. We serve the North and South American markets with filter elements and accessories for industries such as asphalt, cement, chemical, mining, wood and wood products. Our strength is in providing long-term, value-based solutions to managing your industrial operation. For more information, visit


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