RJG, Inc. Now Offering Its Systematic Molding Courses via New Interactive Virtual Classrooms

Recognizing that its customers were finding it increasingly difficult to budget travel for training or free up valuable employee time with staffing that is already lean, RJG is now offering its Injection Molding Essentials and Systematic Molding I courses over the internet. More courses are planned for a future release.

"We are able to deliver a classroom experience that includes a wealth of content and student-instructor interaction, in an environment that is more readily accessible. This is so crucial, especially because of today's financial climate." says Gary Chastain, RJG's Consulting Manager.

The Essentials course is a great starter course for people new to injection molding processing. It provides a solid foundation for understanding the injection molding process and the critical practice of good production techniques. RJG's Systematic Molding I course focuses on stable processing strategies, methods for collecting and interpreting process data and techniques for minimizing viscosity variation. Both courses are prep classes for RJG's Master Molder certification series, the industry standard for process training.

This training is not just a PowerPoint presentation with a voice over instructor. Active student participation--an essential component to all of RJG's training--is fostered through white board capability, live polling, and both live and recorded video as well as chatting software and tests. Breakout sessions encourage dialog and communication between attendees as they tackle problem solving tasks. Once the training is complete, RJG's support team, comprised of consultants and customer support representatives, can answer any questions that may arise. "We want to ensure that all students walk away from these training sessions with valuable, usable information that improves their day to day performance on the job." says Gary Chastain.

To deliver this training worldwide RJG has partnered with WebEx Communications, the leading online meeting applications company with 7 million users communicating and collaborating online every month.

The format for these courses is 1-2 hour blocks per day over a two week span. The first classes are scheduled for the weeks of March 23rd and 30th and like all of RJG's training there is a 100% money back guarantee. For cost, schedules and registration information visit the RJG website (http://www.rjginc.com/elearning) or contact your regional sales representative (231-947-3111).

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