Rite-Lite® HD-LED Dock Light from Rite-Hite Illuminates Entire Semi-Trailer for Improved Safety and Productivity - While Also Helping to Reduce Energy Costs

The Rite-Lite® HD-LED Dock Light from Rite-Hite Corporation combines state-of-the-art lighting technology with a virtually indestructible design to completely illuminate the entire length of a semi-trailer for improved safety and productivity - while at the same time - reducing energy costs. The highly durable Rite-Lite is also engineered to deliver long-lasting performance in the most demanding dock applications.

The patented Rite-Lite consists of a die-cast aluminum light housing, which contains five, high-intensity LED emitters, with a custom-engineered beam for loading dock applications, and a heavy-duty pivoting arm made out of 1-1/2-inch-square, 14-gauge steel that attaches to the dock wall. With its LED emitters, the 15-watt Rite-Lite optimizes brightness and minimizes energy consumption. The light delivers a minimum life of 50,000 hours and is always cool to the touch. The Rite-Lite light housing, which features an ABS spacer ring to further dissipate heat, can be ordered separately and attached to virtually any existing dock light arm in minutes.

Rite-Lite complements any company's green building initiatives and offers the potential to capitalize on local electrical utility rebates. With its impact-resistant, clear acrylic cover, it also satisfies food facility requirements that prohibit the use of glass. Additionally, the Rite-Lite reduces maintenance because light bulb replacement and/or clean-up is eliminated. The UL-listed Rite-Lite, which features a non-corrosive design and a yellow powder-coat paint finish, is backed by a five-year limited warranty.

For more information about the Rite-Lite® HD-LED Dock Light, or any other products from Rite-Hite, contact your local Rite-Hite representative or the Rite-Hite Corporation, 8900 North Arbon Drive, Milwaukee, WI 53223. Phone: 414/355-2600. Fax: 414/355-4640 or call 1/800-465-0600. Or, e-mail info@ritehite.com.

Company Name: Rite-Hite Corporation

Address 1: 8900 North Arbon Drive

City: Milwaukee

State: WI

Zip: 53223

Country: USA

Phone: 1-800-456-0600

URL: http://www.ritehite.com/ark/rhweb/rhhome.nsf/vApprovedHomePage/$first!OpenDocument

Contact Name: Andy Olson

Organization: Rite-Hite Corporation

Title: Marketing Manager

E-mail: aolson@ritehite.com

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