Rising Tide Bars Aboard Royal Caribbean International's New Oasis and Allure of the Seas Utilize Serapid Lift Columns

Royal Caribbean International's Oasis class of ships - including the Oasis of the Seas and Allure of the Seas - offer a host of features new to the cruising world with twin height loft cabins, a Boardwalk full of attractions, the Royal Promenade with a wide variety of shops and restaurants, Central Park with living grass and trees and a travelling bar!

SERAPID worked with the UK architect, W S Atkins to develop the concept for the vertical movement of the Rising Tide Bar. The design went through several phases in order to preserve the architectural intent.

The bar weighs nearly forty tons, and moves 35 feet between the Royal Promenade and the Central Park decks. This unique feature was only made possible with SERAPID's unique lifting capabilities and expertise.

The Rising Tide Bar is lifted and lowered using four LinkLift lifting columns, each carrying ten tons of dynamic and static load travelling in guide tubes to allow for the extended travel distances. The guide tubes are structural containing the conventional lift guides and SERAPID chain guides. They are capable of carrying the imposed loads of the bar subjected to the motion of the sea.

The biggest design challenge is the constraints of resolving the loads back into the structure of the ship while fitting the drive equipment without encroaching upon space. SERAPID responded by designing a custom magazine with coiled storage, capable of being stored in the intermediate spaces between decks.

The SERAPID LinkLift Rigid Chain lifting columns offer a unique solution for platform elevators ships and buildings. SERAPID offers architects and consultants assistance with spec definition, layout drawings and feasibility studies.

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