Ring-Shear Tester suits bench-top applications.

Press Release Summary:

Utilizing 30 ml cell volume, bench-scale Model RST-XS Ring Shear Tester provides computer-controlled measurement of powder-flow properties. Small sample size makes unit suited for pharmaceutical industry or other applications where large sample quantities are difficult and/or expensive to produce. Bench-top unit measures approximately 2 x 2 x 2 ft and weighs 90 lb.

Original Press Release:

New Bench-Scale Ring Shear Tester, Model RST-XS

Westford, MA - Jenike & Johanson is pleased to announce a new "bench-scale" Ring Shear Tester that provides computer-controlled measurement of powder flow properties, utilizing a 30 ml cell volume (vs. the larger 900 ml cell volume of the standard tester, model RST-01.pc). The small sample size makes the RST-XS especially appropriate for the pharmaceutical industry, where large sample quantities can be difficult and/or expensive to produce. The small size of the tester (approx. 2 ft H x 2 ft. W x 2 ft. D, and weighing 90 lbs.) makes it ideal as a bench-top unit.

Why are flow properties important?

A material's flow properties determine how it will behave in handling equipment (bins, hoppers, feeders, etc). It is essential to know these properties during product development, so that handling problems can be avoided during processing. Flow properties are also important for quality control. By checking the relative flow properties of a given bulk solid before it is placed into your system, you can reject or recycle unsatisfactory batches, thereby preventing costly process upsets.

What flow properties need to be measured?

The most important properties are internal friction (cohesive strength, or "caking"), wall friction, bulk density, and compressibility. While each of these parameters can be affected by the material's particle size distribution, particle shape, surface characteristics, moisture content, and handling temperature, there is no direct correlation that allows these variables to be used to accurately predict the material's flow properties without testing.

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