Rigid Outer Containers promote accessibility via lid options.

Press Release Summary:

To offer varying degrees of access when deploying 3D biocontainers (50–200 L), QuaDrum® rigid outer containers support 3 closure lid options. Standard accessory lid provides full biocontainer coverage and maximizes security when storing process fluids. Access lid allows interaction with fluid paths atop biocontainer while remaining securely in place. In addition to fluid path interaction, retaining lid provides positive location and support for 3 in. TC port on biocontainer top.

Original Press Release:

Accessory Closure Lids Provide Maximum Flexibility for 3D Biocontainer Deployment

Meissner’s QuaDrum® rigid outer container portfolio is now available with three closure lid options.

The QuaDrum® container’s closure lids allow varying degrees of access for your process when deploying 3D biocontainers with nominal process volumes from 50 L to 200 L.

The three closure lid options include a standard lid, an access lid and a retaining lid. The standard accessory lid provides full biocontainer coverage and delivers maximum security when storing process fluids. The access lid allows interaction with fluid paths (e.g. tubing and filters) located on the top of the biocontainer that may be required during a process, while the lid remains securely in place.

The retaining lid affords the same fluid path interaction capacity as the access lid, with the added functionality of providing positive location and support for a 3” TC port on the top of the biocontainer.

This is especially useful for powder addition processes or other operations requiring a large bore port.

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