Right-Angle Head weighs 9 lbs.

Press Release Summary:

Model RAD-120 right-angle milling, drilling, and tapping head is manufactured with fabricated body. Tool is intended to be changed automatically into spindles of machining centers. Unit housing the bevel gears has two chamfered outer corners, which reduces risk of interference with component or other tooling in machining area. Head has 40 taper, collet chuck for tool shanks up to 0.4 in. dia, and speed of 6,000 rpm (max).

Original Press Release:

New Angle Head Is Lighter And More Compact

The RAD-120 right-angle milling, drilling and tapping head manufactured by Centerline has been redesigned with a fabricated rather than a cast aluminum body and weighs 10 per cent less at 9 lbs. The tool is intended to be changed automatically into the spindle of a machining center, so the magazine now supports less weight and ATC is faster.

At the same time, the previous square shape of the unit housing the bevel gears has been changed so that the two outer corners are chamfered. This contributes not only to the light weight, but also to reduced risk of interference with the component or other tooling in the machining area.

The introduction of the RAD-120 last year at the lower end of the Centerline range, below the -160 and -225, was in response to high speed machining centers becoming smaller in size. The head has a 40 taper, a collet chuck for tool shanks up to 0.4 inch diameter, and a maximum speed of 6,000 rpm.

Double right angle units based on the RAD-120, -160 and -225 are also standard catalog items. They allow both sides of prismatic components to be machined in the same cycle without having to reposition the tool in the spindle. Adding further to the RAD tooling range are extended units increasing in 1.6 inch increments up to 11 inches from the gage line of the taper to the centerline of the cutter.

RAM versions of all these tools are available which accept taper tooling instead of having collet chucks to clamp the tool.

In the area of fixed angle heads other than the above 90 degree tooling, the angles of 60, 45 and 30 degrees are now standard catalog items available at the same price as the right angle heads. Centerline also manufactures an adjustable angle head.

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