Right Angle Head eliminates secondary operation work.

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New Axis(TM) Fluid-Driven Right Angle Head features elliptical head for machining within cavities down to 1 in. dia. It clamps rigidly in machine spindle. Speed is based on coolant flow, and torque is based on coolant pressure. Light-duty applications require 200 psi, and heavier-duty applications may need 1000 psi or more. With solid design from shank to tool spindle, axis head loads from automatic tool changer.

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Fluid-Driven Right Angle Heads Are The New Solution for Right Angle Machining in Confined Areas

Ramsey, MN-May 31, 2002-Command Tooling Systems has introduced New Axis(TM) Fluid-Driven Right Angle Heads to provide an innovative solution for machining in confined areas. Command(TM) New Axis Heads expand the capabilities of existing machine tools and eliminate expensive secondary operation work.

New Axis Fluid-Driven Right Angle Heads feature a compact, elliptical head design for machining within cavities down to 1" diameter. They allow for machining in tight spaces that were previously considered inaccessible for CNC machining. In addition, productivity can be gained by machining more parts per workholding set-up.

New Axis Heads clamp rigidly in the machine spindle. Spindle rotation is not required for power since the machine's high-pressure coolant system drives the positive displacement ball piston motor in the New Axis Head. Speed is based on coolant flow and torque is based on coolant pressure. Light duty applications require as little as 200 PSI. Heavier duty applications may need 1000 PSI or more.

Because these right angle heads have their own power source (the coolant), the machine's C-axis spindle is free to function as an indexer, allowing machining at multiple radial positions with just one set-up. This results in reduced cycle times, improved accuracy, and reduced costs related to scrap and tool useage. The need for multiple right angle heads and for expensive part indexers is eliminated.

With a solid, rigid design from shank to tool spindle, the New Axis Head loads easily from an automatic tool changer. New Axis is a modular system offering machine process flexibility with a variety of head sizes that adapt to various shank assemblies. These Fluid-Driven Right Angle Heads are ideal for applications such as: milling oil grooves or keyways, drilling bleeder holes at right angles to piston bores, or for machining at multiple radial positions on monolithic parts.

Command Tooling Systems, the leading toolholder manufacturer, produces products for high-precision machining operations serving many industries, including automotive, aerospace, computer, defense, electronic, job shop, and medical equipment. Command is committed to providing tooling solutions of the highest quality, with immediate availability. For more information on the New Axis(TM) Fluid Driven Right Angle Heads, contact: Command Tooling Systems; 13931 Sunfish Lake Blvd.: Ramsey, MN 55303. Ph: 763-576-6910. Fax: 763-576-6911. www.commandtool.com

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