Rigaku NEX LS Analyzer is equipped with 50 kV X-ray tube and Fast® SDD detector.

Press Release Summary:

Rigaku NEX LS Scanning Process Coatings Analyzer is designed to perform multi-element composition, coat weight or coating thickness analyses for elements from aluminum (13Al) through uranium (92U). This analyzer comes with EDXRF measurement head that provides constant head-to-surface distance. Product is suitable for process control coating applications.

Original Press Release:

Applied Rigaku Technologies, Inc. Introduces Rigaku NEX LS Scanning Multi-Element Process Coatings Analyzer at Pittcon 2018

Rigaku NEX LS scanner performs multi-element composition, coat weight and coating thickness analyses for web and coil applications.

Applied Rigaku Technologies, Inc. (ART) is pleased to announce the release of the new Rigaku NEX LS Scanning Multi-element Process Coatings Analyzer. The new instrument is the latest addition to the Rigaku line of high-performance X-ray analytical instrumentation, and is making its Pittcon debut at booth #2001 at the 2018 Pittsburgh Conference & Exposition in Orlando, Florida.

Featuring advanced third generation energy dispersive X-ray fluorescence (EDXRF) technology, the Rigaku NEX LS analyzer represents the next evolution of scanning multi-element process coatings analyzers, delivering rapid, non-destructive, analyses for elements from aluminum (13Al) through uranium (92U).

Bench-top EDXRF spectrometers have long been a familiar technology for industries using silicone oils as barrier layers, release coatings or denesting agents. The Rigaku NEX LS scanner is specifically designed to service web and coil applications, with the ability to perform multi-element composition, coat weight or coating thickness analyses.

The new instrument is a scanning measurement system comprised of an EDXRF measurement head mounted to a motorized frame, which transports the head back and forth across a moving web (or coil) while transmitting the cross-machine direction measurements to a control box and industrial touch screen computer. The measuring head’s linear traversing mechanism ensures constant head-to-surface distance. Data are presented in real time as cross web and down web graphical profiles.

Equipped with a 50 kV X-ray tube and Fast® SDD detector, the Rigaku NEX LS analyzer is engineered to service a broad range of process control coating applications. More information about EDXRF solutions from Applied Rigaku Technologies, Inc. for coating thickness and composition analysis is available at http://www.rigakuedxrf.com/paper.php.

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