Richardson Electronics to Distribute New FHSS Embedded Wireless Module from Radiotronix

April 11, 2007-LaFox, Illinois...Richardson Electronics (NASDAQ: RELL) today announced a worldwide partnership to distribute a new frequency-hopping spread spectrum (FHSS) embedded wireless module developed by Radiotronix of Oklahoma City. The Wi.232FHSS-250(TM) is the first of a new family of RF embedded modules based on the Analog Devices ADF702x RF Transceiver chips.

Radiotronix, a leader in high performance embedded radio modules, has a core family of modules which offer solutions for most RS-232, RS-422, and RS-485 cable replacement applications in markets such as industrial, medical, transportation, oil and gas, wireless sensing, security, consumer and automatic meter reading (AMR).

The Wi.232FHSS-250-RTM modules combine a state-of-the-art, low power transceiver with a powerful multipoint-to-multipoint frequency protocol controller to form a complete wireless communication solution. Some of the new features include: Automatic Gain Control (AGC) with six intermediate gain steps and four module settings, Variable Power Output Control with four steps from +8dBm to +23dBm output, and powerful new Last-good-packet and immediate digital RSSI registers and also an available analog RSSI pin. The Wi.232FHSS-250-R is the first Radiotronix module to leverage an ADI solution.

"We are excited about the strategic alliance with Analog Devices, one of the leading semiconductor companies in the world. We feel that their new line of wireless products, especially the ADF702x series of transceivers, is leading-edge wireless technology," stated Tom Hoyt, VP Sales and Marketing at Radiotronix. "This new 250mW embedded module features the truly leading-edge RF performance of the ADI transceiver chip, but is also powered by superior Radiotronix communications protocol IP."
"These new modules provide an effective solution for applications where range, cost, size, and power consumption are key design issues," said Chris Marshall, VP of Richardson Electronics' Wireless and Broadband Communications Group.

The Wi.232FHSS-250TM supports a wide range of data rates, allowing a designer to tune the module's performance to meet the application's throughput and range requirements. These modules employ frequency hopping spread spectrum modulation, featuring thirty-two separate channels in a hopping table. Designers can program the module to use one of six hopping sequences. These techniques allow the Wi.232FHSS-250TM to operate co-located networks without interference.

A complete FCC-Modular-Certified version, the Wi.FHSS-250-FCC-R will also be available soon in both Right-angle (RA) and Straight (ST) RPSMA connectors for fast time to market. The entire Wi.232FHSS-250-R family of products is RoHs-compliant. More information, specifications and samples are available from Richardson Electronics at

About Radiotronix
Radiotronix is a leading supplier of embedded wireless radio modules based in Oklahoma City, OK. Its products are value-added and solve real problems through the innovative application of technological advances in radio design, embedded wireless

protocol, packaging, and manufacturing processes. Key markets include industrial automation, automated meter reading, asset tracking and management, law enforcement and emergency response management, home automation, and wireless sensor networks. For more information, visit

About Richardson Electronics, Ltd.
Richardson Electronics, Ltd. is a global provider of engineered solutions and electronic components to the RF and wireless communications, industrial power conversion, electron device, and display systems markets. Richardson designs, manufactures and distributes discrete devices, components, and assemblies used in RF and wireless infrastructure, networks, digital broadcasting, defense, and power conversion. More information is available at

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