Rice Lake's SURVIVOR® OTR Series now Suitable for Livestock Weighing

OTR's NTEP certification is amended for Legal for Trade weighing in ten-pound increments

Rice Lake, WI - Rice Lake Weighing Systems was recently granted an amendment to its NTEP Certificate of Conformance for the SURVIVOR OTR Series of above ground truck scales.

The amendment reduces the scale's minimum division value (emin) from the industry standard 20 pounds to 10 pounds, making the SURVIVOR OTR suitable for not only vehicle weighing, but high-dollar applications such as livestock and scrap-metal weighing. The improved resolution is essential where valuable commodities are being weighed and Rice Lake's truck scales now offer a competitive advantage in those cases.

The new certification applies to Rice Lake's entire OTR Series, including steel and concrete decks and pit or pitless grain dump models, in standard widths up to 16.5 feet and standard lengths up to 160 feet. The SURVIVOR OTR is also now available with racks and gates for livestock containment needs.

Rice Lake Weighing Systems is a family-owned, ISO 9001 certified corporation based in the United States. Headquarters, metrology laboratory and main manufacturing plant are located in Rice Lake, Wisconsin with support facilities throughout the world including North America, South America, India and the Netherlands.

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