Rhino Cutting Systems Offers LubeCorp's GreenCut Plasma

Rhino joins a growing list of CNC plasma cutting system maufacturers reselling or recommending GreenCut Plasma, including Farley Laserlab, Kinetic Cutting Systems, MultiCam, Torchmate (A Lincoln Electric Company).

If you have any questions, please contact us at info@lubecorp.com or 1-800-661-6100.


About Rhino

Rhino Cutting Systems is a manufacturer of custom engineered oxy and plasma cutting machines for 2D, 3D bevel and complete weld prep applications.  Offering complete, turnkey equipment solutions, Rhino Cutting Systems bridges the gap between cutting processes and motion control. Rhino products are designed to optimize cut quality and reduce cycle times as well as save precious raw materials.  From ultra precise digital drives and quality engineered bridge construction to network ready CNC's, Rhino Cutting Systems is THE solution for your cutting needs.

About LubeCorp Manufacturing Inc.

LubeCorp Manufacturing Inc. develops and manufactures high performance, SAFE, and biodegradable metalworking fluids, hydraulic fluids and waste water treatment products, while also producing high performance lubricants and fuel conditioners.

Contact Information

Dušan Kuzma, Marketing Manager

LubeCorp Manufacturing Inc.



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