Rheometer is alternative to laboratory models.

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Portable YR-1 measures and records parameters on production floor. Technician selects test, lowers vane spindle into product, presses go, and instrument displays result as single shear stress number for material's yield value. It comes with EZ-Yield software that allows setup of 10 different test programs. Streaming data can be viewed and torque vs time and stress vs strain can be displayed in tabular and graphical formats.

Original Press Release:

YR-1 Yield Test Rheometer

Measures and records climatic parameters
- Simple to Use
- Excellent Repeatability
- Affordable

The YR-1 is a revolutionary, simple-to-use, low-cost alternative to complicated, full-featured laboratory rheometers. It's designed to be used right on the production floor by your technicians. Simply select a test, lower the vane spindle into the product, press "GO", and the instrument displays the result in a single shear stress number for your material's yield value.

Get more information from the YR-1 with a PC and "EZ-Yield" Software. "EZ-Yield" software (included) features a simple menu that allows you to setup 10 different test programs. Streaming data can be viewed and test data - torque vs. time, stress vs. strain - can be displayed in both tabular and graphical formats.

The test parameters include: test number and name, spindle number, immersion mark, pre-shear (rpm), wait time before test startup, run time, run speed (rpm), and low & high yield control limits (Pa).

There is a choice of 4 torque ranges: RV, HA, HB and 5xHB. Lower viscosity materials (soaps, beverages) are appropriate for testing yield with the RVYR-1, medium viscosity materials (ketchup, lotions) with HAYR-1 and HBYR-1, and high viscosity materials (pastes, greases) with 5xHBYR-1.

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