Rheometer has nano-torque control and analysis abilities.

Press Release Summary:

NOVA features Net-Zero bias bearing system, null balance system that enables Nano-Torque and Nano-Strain measurement control and analysis; auto-detect measuring systems; and low-inertia Drag Cup Motor with Feed Forward strain and speed control. Torque range is 3-200 mNm and can be extended to 1-230 mNm for certain test parameters. Strain resolution is 0.01 µrad. Ethernet-ready, USB-enabled product comes with software, DP normal force sensor, and camera viewer.

Original Press Release:

NOVA Features Nano-Torque & Nano-Strain Rheological Measurement Control and Analysis!

The New NOVA Rheometer from ATS RheoSystems features a unique "Net-Zero" bias bearing system. This null balance system allows for Nano-Torque and Nano-Strain measurement control and analysis.

Also featured is an innovative, low inertia Drag Cup Motor utilizing novel "Feed Forward" strain and speed control.

The Torque Range is from 3 nNm to 200 mNm. It is possible to extend this to 1 nNm on the low end and 230 mNm at the high end for certain test parameters.

Strain Resolution is 0.01 µrad.

Additional Standard Features include "Auto-Detect" Measuring Systems, Video & Image Software, and High Performance Open-Source Instrument Control Software.

Also featured are patented Differential Pressure Normal Force Sensor, a Camera Viewer, Ethernet Communications, High-Speed USB port and RheoExplorer V6 Software.

For more detailed information and specifications on the NOVA Rheometer, call ATS RheoSystems at 1-609-298-2522, email info@atsrheosystems.com or visit our website at www.atsrheosystems.com

Client Contact: Steven M. Colo, smc@atsrheosystems.com

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