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RGB LED meets multi-color design requirements.

Press Release Summary:

Aug 15, 2014 - Housed in 4-leaded PLCC package that provides high-intensity output in reflective casing, Model XZM2CRKM2DGFBB45SCCB enables users to create any color of visible spectrum with adjustment of forward current. LED supports operation of single die at time for emitting primary colors, 2 dies together for secondary color, or 3 dies at once to blend colors in unlimited range. Applications range from handheld devices to professional-use industrial equipment.

Original Press Release

SunLED New Full Color Illumination LED - XZM2CRKM2DGFBB45SCCB

Press release date: Aug 13, 2014

Look no further than SunLED’s new RGB for your high brightness, multi-color design requirements. This 4-leaded PLCC package provides a high intensity output in a reflective casing for an optimal mixture of colors in a compact footprint. With this cost effective RGB, you can seamlessly create any color of the visible spectrum with the adjustment of forward current. Whether the design is to operate a single die at a time for emitting primary colors (Red, Green, Blue), two dies together for a secondary color (Yellow, Magenta, Cyan), or 3 dies at once to uniquely blend colors in an unlimited range, this LED can accomplish all of those tasks. The size of the RGB LED makes it ideal across various applications from hand held devices to professional-use industrial equipment.

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SunLED is one of the world's leading manufacturers of optoelectronic components. The company offers an extensive line of LED Lamps, Surface Mount LEDs, and LED Displays that are RoHS and REACH compliant. Manufacturing with state of the art equipment, SunLED supports high profile customers with production capabilities exceeding 350 million LEDs per month. The company has an unwavering commitment to service and quality for supporting engineering requirements, while assisting with the next advancements in electronic innovations.

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