RG 52/100 U Rotary Wood Waste Grinder

Vecoplan, a worldwide leader in size reduction technology, designs, engineers, manufactures, sells, installs, and provides parts & service for a comprehensive line of wood waste grinders and systems.

Vecoplan's RG 52/100 U wood grinder features true dump and run operation, so entire containers of waste can be fed into its hopper. The RG 52/100 U's hopper has a volume capacity of 3.75 cubic yards and a 52"x58" hopper opening. Its 15" diameter rotor has 30 indexable cutting inserts, is powered by a 100 HP motor, turns at 100-145 rpms, and is fed by a two speed hydraulic ram.

VECOPLAN shredding and recycling equipment is the preferred choice for most industrial applications in the woodworking industries, plastics processing and recycling industries, printing and converting industries, secure destruction industry, general waste processing and recovery industries.

For more information contact Vecoplan at: Phone: 336.861.6070; Email: info@vecoplanllc.com or visit our website at www.VecoplanLLC.com

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