RFS to Unveil Major New Technology and Design Innovations for the Broadcast Market at the 2012 NAB Show

LAS VEGAS - At the 2012 NAB Show to be held April 16-19 in Las Vegas, Radio Frequency Systems (RFS), the global wireless and broadcast infrastructure specialist, will showcase revolutionary new software that enables complete filter tuning with no manual intervention and panel array antennas that cut wind load in half. These RFS innovations reflect the company's commitment to delivering superior technologies that are closely tied to customer needs.

"The customer is always at the center of our innovations," says Jay Martin, President, RFS Broadcast Systems. "From the design and development stages, through our rigorous testing phases and manufacturing processes, we focus on increasing performance and flexibility, decreasing costs and simplifying operations for our customers. This year, we are very excited to introduce our Broadcast Computer Aided Tuning software at the NAB Show. This software is truly unique in the industry and people will have to see it in action at the show to believe that it is now possible to fully tune a filter using software."

Filter tuning made easy

With RFS' tuning software, even a novice can fully tune a complex filter. Today's tuning software simplifies tuning to a point. However, finishing the tuning process requires a tuning expert, product disassembly and up to a day in time. The tuning software allows anyone who can operate a computer and a Network Analyzer to tune RFS PeakPower+(TM) filters through to completion within half an hour. The dramatic reduction in tuning time helps transmitter vendors quickly and easily respond to changing requirements. Sophisticated algorithms and the software's ability to learn enable the extreme simplification. To demonstrate the power of the tuning software, RFS is inviting NAB Show visitors to drop by booth C2007 and tune a PeakPower+ filter themselves.

Innovative filter technology has long been an RFS strength. RFS' CW-series directional filters include Emmy® Award-winning, patented technology that enables high-power adjacent channel combining. The technology has saved the television industry millions of dollars by allowing concurrent operation of digital and analog systems without deploying new antennas and towers. RFS' PeakPower+ filters - featured at the 2012 NAB Show with the tuning software - support power ratings from 50 Watts to 10kW and are tunable across the UHF band and for 6, 7 or 8 MHz channels.

Lower wind load, more flexibility

At the 2012 NAB Show, RFS will also feature the new "R-variants" of its PCP, PHP and PVP broadband panel array antennas. These antennas feature an innovative cylindrical radome that cuts wind load in half compared to other designs. A smaller antenna cross-section is key to the savings.

The antennas' compact design and low wind load reduces structural requirements for towers. Robust construction means they are hurricane and cyclone rated and can withstand ice and snow build-up. Support for all bands gives broadcasters the flexibility to use the panels as a building block in any antenna configuration and to change applications.

- PCP broadband panels support digital TV (DTV), mobile TV, analog TV and
Multiple Input Multiple Output (MIMO) applications. These antennas
support horizontal, vertical, circular and elliptical polarization and
frequency ranges from 500 MHz to 700 MHz.

- PVP broadband panels are fully engineered for DTV. They support vertical
polarization and frequency ranges from 470 MHz to 860 MHz.

- PHP broadband panels are fully engineered for DTV. They support
horizontal polarization and frequency ranges from 470 MHz to 860 MHz.

Talk to our experts

RFS specialists on hand at the 2012 NAB Show will include Jay Martin (President, Broadcast Systems), Nick Wymant (CTO, Broadcast Systems), Mick Bennett (Global Product Manager, Broadcast Systems) and Ernest Fardin (Senior BCAT Software Designer).

To try your hand at using the tuning software to tune a PeakPower+ filter, see our latest innovations in radome design and learn more about our technologies and innovations for the broadcast market, come and talk to our experts at the RFS booth (Las Vegas Convention Center, Central Hall, booth C2007).

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About RFS

Radio Frequency Systems (RFS) is a global designer and manufacturer of cable, antenna and tower systems, plus active and passive RF conditioning modules, providing total-package solutions for outdoor and indoor wireless infrastructure.

RFS serves OEMs, distributors, system integrators, operators and installers in the broadcast, wireless communications, land-mobile and microwave market sectors. As an ISO compliant organization with manufacturing and customer service facilities that span the globe, RFS offers cutting-edge engineering capabilities, superior field support and innovative product design. RFS is a leader in wireless infrastructure.

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