RFID Transponder Tags have rugged, sterile design.

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Glass-encapsulated tags operate from 125-140 kHz and can be attached to, or embedded within, object or animal to be identified without risk. While hermetically sealed design survives harsh environmental conditions, bio-compatibility make-up ensures sterile application. Tags are available with range of IC chips, including EM Marin's one time programmable EM4305 chip, which supports waste management and animal identification standards. Sizes range from 2.12 x 12 mm to 3.85 x 32 mm.

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Sokymat Automotive Drives Forward with Newly Expanded RFID Transponder Range

Reichshof-Wehnrath, Germany, May 7, 2008 ­ Sokymat Automotive GmbH, a global leader in the development, production and sale of RFID components, has once again expanded its transponder range to meet growing demand in industry areas such as laundry, waste management, industrial automation and logistics control.

Already established as a leading manufacturer of transponders for the automotive industry, Sokymat Automotive has now launched an increased range of low frequency glass-encapsulated tags operating between 125kHz and 140kHz, including an all-new 4mm diameter tag. The new tags are available with a range of IC chips, including the innovative one time programmable (OTP) EM4305 chip from EM Marin which offers a significantly improved read distance and is suited for a number of applications -­ from industry logistics to access control. In addition the EM4305 supports waste management (BDE) and animal identification (ISO FDX-B) standards.

As the RFID transponder is encapsulated in glass, it can be attached to, or embedded into, the object or animal to be identified, without risk. It is hermetically sealed in a housing designed to survive harsh environmental conditions and its inherent bio-compatible make-up ensures a sterile application every time.

These read-only glass tags vary in size from 2.12mmx12mm and 3.15mmx13.3mm to 3.85mmx23mm and 3.85mmx32mm allowing them to be embedded, attached or injected for a variety of RFID tagging applications.

Sokymat Automotive is meeting the needs of these markets and its flexible, fully automated production lines guarantee high quality and fast delivery, while allowing for individual customization to suit its customers¹ requirements.

About Sokymat Automotive
Founded in 1964, Sokymat Automotive grew from a manufacturer of coils for electrical machines and microcoils for the watchmaking industry, into a producer of RFID transponders for automotive immobilizer systems. Today, with a highly motivated team of specialists and developers, Sokymat Automotive supplies its products to 26 automotive manufacturers across Asia, Europe and the United States, making it one of the industry's leading transponder providers. In addition, Sokymat Automotive designs and manufactures transponder products for other industries including bio & science, laundry and industry logistics.

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