RFID System tracks data tapes.

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Optimizing library audits, DataGuard rf Tape Tracking System incorporates RFID technology, volume-and-serial-number identification, and UHF support. RFID/Vol-Ser Labels are applied to every tape cartridge in data center, and each includes antenna with read range up to 6 ft for single cartridge. Dual-functioning Motorola 9090G reads RFID labels and bar codes, while software uses multiple data checks and communicates with any existing tape management system via docking station or Wi-Fi.

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Imation DataGuard rf(TM) Provides Longer Range Tracking and UHF Support in Error Free, Easy-to-Use, RFID-based Tape Tracking System

New RFID Vol-Ser Labels and Open Interface Works with any Tape Management Software Ensuring Data is Always Protected

OAKDALE, Minn., Aug. 13 / -- Imation Corp. (NYSE:IMN) today introduced the enhanced DataGuard rf Tape Tracking System, a design and engineering breakthrough that brings the range, reliability and accuracy of RFID (radio frequency identification) to tape storage. With its newly integrated patent-pending RFID Volume and Serial Number Labels (Vol-Ser) Labels, Imation combines proven technology into one robust and secure label that incorporates RFID technology, volume-and-serial-number identification and advanced ultra high frequency (UHF) support with an open system that works with any tape management platform.

At up to 20 times the speed of legacy bar code systems, the DataGuard rf system helps improve the efficiency and reliability of library audits as well as the cartridge check-in/check-out process. In addition, the DataGuard rf system helps reduce the risk of lost and misfiled tapes through automatic cartridge notifications. Instead of worrying about lost tapes and the financial liability and wasted resources that come with them, data center managers can now rely on a proven system with 100 percent accuracy.

The new DataGuard rf RFID/Vol-Ser Labels are designed to be applied to every tape cartridge in the data center. Each label comes complete with Imation's custom-designed antenna with a read range of up to six feet for a single cartridge and up to two feet for a case of 20 cartridges. The labels operate globally, so tapes can be shipped worldwide with a single tag type. Fully electronic product code (EPC) compliant, the new labels also meet all of the environmental, drop, abrasion and load/unload industry standards for data center libraries.

"The newly integrated RFID/Vol-Ser Labels, along with our feature-rich, custom developed software help make our DataGuard rf system the easiest, most accurate RFID tape tracking system on the market," said Subodh Kulkarni, vice president, Global Commercial Business, R&D and Manufacturing, Imation. "With our open-interface Imation software that syncs with any existing tape management system, data center managers can enjoy the benefits of RFID without changing their existing TMS."

The DataGuard rf system utilizes a dual-functioning Motorola 9090G handheld reader that reads both the newly integrated RFID labels as well as existing bar codes so users can immediately begin using the system as they transition their library to RFID labels.

Complete with Imation proprietary software, the tracking system ensures accurate reading by using multiple data checks and communicates with any existing tape management system via docking station or Wi-Fi. The software is easily programmable to automatically check the data center manager's watch list for misfiled or lost tapes, recognize corrupt Vol-Ser label data and ignore extraneous UHF signals.

To keep it all safe, DataGuard transport and storage cases and replaceable liners provide the lifelong storage, transport and protection that corporations need. When moving terabyte capacity cartridges filled with irreplaceable information you need the ultimate in protection. DataGuard transport cases provide two-to-four times the shock protection of other transport methods with an easy-to-spot bright yellow color and durability that lasts a lifetime.

"A broad array of firms increasingly are aware that missing or lost tape cartridges not only can jeopardize their customer's privacy and security, but can also damage their public perception," said Robert Amatruda, research director, IDC. "Imation's DataGuard rf provides a solution for more efficient tape cartridge tracking, inventory, and management that helps to mitigate exposure to these security-related issues."

The new Imation DataGuard rf Tape Tracking System consists of the integrated RFID/Vol-Ser labels, dual-functioning Motorola handheld reader, and open-interface DataGuard rf software. Best-in-class DataGuard transport and storage cases with a 20 cartridge capacity are also recommended.

For additional information about Imation's DataGuard rf Tape Tracking System, go to http://www.imation.com/dataguardrf.

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