RFID Solution Leverages 3 Technologies in a Lightweight Deployment Framework

Kelowna, BC, Canada - RFind Systems, Inc. and RF-IDI are pleased to announce a partnership to jointly develop an easy-to-deploy Active RFID RTLS Tracking System. The system will utilize RFind's industry leading RTLS tags and RF-IDI's user interface and data collection infrastructure.

RF-IDI's modular infrastructure provides internet-accessible business data from Active and Passive RFID sources at multiple internet-connected facilities around the world. RF-IDI's i5 software displays both Active and Passive tag data on one user friendly screen.

The addition of RFind's active RFID / RTLS technology provides customers with a unique hybrid Active - RTLS / Passive system that can be deployed in days, not weeks or months.

Dave Maklebust, RF-IDI's EVP and CTO stated; "The combination of RFind's hardware technology and RF-IDI's infrastructure and user interface is a game changer for the industry, resulting in a total cost of ownership not achievable with hard-wired, server-centric solutions. We're very excited about the value proposition this technology combination brings to our customers".

RFind Solutions Inc.'s patented Tag to Tag communication technology provides a Real Time Location Solution (RTLS) without the hardwired cabling or additional infrastructure usually required by others. This equates to a quick, easy deployment with flexibility for changes on the fly or in an ever changing environment the option to pick-up and move it.

Sharon Barnes, CEO of RFind commented, "We are excited to be part of a team that is blazing ahead with the marriage of RTLS, active and passive RFID on a singular software platform. RFID is not one size fits all, so being able to combine RTLS, active and passive RFID gives the end client a combined leading edge solution leveraging all these technologies where appropriate."

RF-IDI will be demonstrating their new platform at the AIAG Annual General Meeting in Southfield, MI. April 22, 2010. https://aiag.org/source/Meetings

RF-IDI delivers net savings to your bottom line through automated visibility data tailored to your business model. Learn more at http://www.activeRFIDtracking.com/RFIDI

RFind provides RTLS solution indoors and outdoors in challenging environments without all the cost. Visit www.rfind.com for additional information.

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