RFID Smart Labels meet Wal-mart requirements.

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Xtrack(TM) RFID Smart Labels are embedded with tags and put on Thermal Transfer Face-Stock with permanent adhesive. Available for EPC class 1, 0+, and 1.19, products measure 4 x 6 in. and can come with information already encoded and printed. Custom size manufacturing is available with variety of face-stocks and adhesives. EPC class 1.19 ucode 865.5-867.6 MHz (UHF) has available power of 4 W EIRP.

Original Press Release:

RFID Moves Ahead with Xtrack(TM) RFID Smart Labels from Worldlabel.com

Worldlabel.com is pleased to introduce their Xtrack(TM) RFID Smart Labels manufactured by Innotech Resources PTE LTD in Singapore. We embed radio frequency identification tags (inlays) to RFID self-adhesive paper labels with our PCT worldwide patent pending technology which increases the reliability and consistency of the label 100% while reducing costs effectively

Our Xtrack(TM) RFID Smart Labels printable on thermal printers are embedded with the following tags will be a stock Item. Thermal Transfer Face-Stock with permanent adhesive, 500 labels per roll:

Xtrack(TM) UHF EPC class 1 Size: 4" x 6" Model# Xtrack(TM) 4x600TT

Xtrack(TM) UHF EPC class0+ Size: 4" x 6" Model# Xtrack(TM) 4x611TT

Xtrack(TM) UHF EPC class1.19 ucode Size: 4" x 6" Model# Xtrack(TM) 4x622TT

We can ship small quantities for pilot tests or larger runs with a lead-time of 6 to 8 weeks right now. We can supply Xtrack(TM) RFID Smart Labels with information encoded and printed onto the labels. Xtrack(TM) RFID Smart Labels meet Wal-mart requirements.

We offer custom size manufacturing of the Xtrack(TM) RFID Smart Labels with a variety of face-stocks and adhesives including Thermal Direct pressure sensitive paper, embed any type of inlay (tag) you might require, and accurately embed the inlay anywhere in the label consistently.

The pricing per label will drop dramatically in the future as the quantity of tags (inlays) manufactured for embedding increases, especially in the millions and hundreds of millions. We have no idea how low the pricing could get in the billions. It could reach low teens for each RFID label produced. Inlay makers are holding back a bit, some with backlogs and waiting for the Generation 2 tag and a standardization of the industry. EPC class 1 tags are currently in short supply. However, our EPC class1.19 ucode 865.5 - 867.6 MHz (UHF) with available power of 4 W EIRP is available and is compatible and interchangeable with Class 1 915Mhz tags in almost every situation.

Our system and methods of manufacturing increases the reliability and consistency of the Xtrack(TM) RFID Smart Labels to 100% accuracy. This is important to the end users and manufacturers because it increases their throughput, it decreases the operational time that they need to print those labels, and the reliability of the label helps them integrate other high-speed applications. We are producing a high quality RFID labels with excellent accuracy and at lower cost levels. We are at the forefront of converting RFID Labels. We have increased the functionality of labels and started a revolution.

We are working on expanding our RFID capacity for the billions and billions of Xtrack(TM) RFID Smart labels the market will soon require. Worldlabel.com is working to meet the challenges that lie ahead.

For more information and data on our Xtrack(TM) RFID Smart Labels, please visit www.worldlabel.com/rfid/rfid.htm or contact:

Russell Ossendryver

336 Convent Ave, NY, NY, 10031, USA. TEL: 212-234 5775

About Worldlabel.com - Worldlabel.com is a leading manufacturer of laser and inkjet sheet labels in over 50 sizes including CD, DVD, mailing, shipping labels and more in 19 different materials. Worldlabel.com has a presence in Asia through Innotech Resources PTE LTD in Singapore. Innotech Resources PTE LTD is a major converter of barcode labels and other pressure sensitive labels. Innotech also handles all aspect of barcode and RFID system integration, RFID research and development and manufacturing for the Asian markets.

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