RFID Safety Switches maintain PLe and SIL3 levels.

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Suitable for machines where hazardous conditions remain even after machines have been switched off, NG Series creates circuits with max safety level PLe and SIL3. Units can be connected in series up to max number of 32 devices, while maintaining safety levels. With electronic system for detection of actuator based on RFID technology, switches prevent tampering using another actuator of same series. Interlocking system guarantees actuator maximum holding force equal to 7,500 N.

Original Press Release:

Safety Devices with RFID Technology and Actuator up to 7500 N

This new and innovative series brings safety to a new level: Pizzato Elettrica presents its new RFID safety switches with lock: NG series.

These switches are used on machines where the hazardous conditions remain for a while, even after the machines have been switched off.

NG series switches create circuits with maximum safety level PLe and SIL3, even though a single device is installed on the protection. Additionally, they can be connected in series up to a maximum number of 32 devices, while maintaining the highest safety level PLe and SIL 3 required by standards.

NG series has an electronic system for the detection of the actuator based on RFID technology. Thanks to this system, each actuator has a different code, and this prevents any possibility to tamper with the device using another actuator of the same series. The actuators can have millions of different code combinations. The sturdy interlocking system guarantees the actuator a maximum F(zh) holding force equal to 7500 N. This is one of the highest values available on the market today, making this device suitable for severe heavy-duty applications.

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