RFID Reader offers worldwide regulatory compliance.

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Available in 4 and 8 antenna port options, INfinity610 (IN610) fixed position 18000-6C/multi-protocol RFID reader supports mono-static and bi-static configurations. AutoPHY feature enhances capability to dynamically adapt to changing conditions, while degree of sensitivity, combined with ability to reject interference, optimizes performance in dense reader environments. Onboard 128 MB Flash and 128 MB RAM support customer-deployed applications directly on reader.

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Next-Generation Sirit RFID Reader Sets Performance Benchmark

IRVINE, Calif. -- Federal Signal Technologies company Sirit, Inc. (Sirit), a global provider of radio frequency identification (RFID) technology, announces the worldwide launch of the INfinity610 (IN610) fixed position 18000-6C/multi-protocol RFID reader platform. Available in four and eight antenna port options, supporting mono-static and bi-static configurations, and developed to meet a robust set of demanding specifications, the IN610 sets a new standard for performance and flexibility.

The needs of the industry have grown from the ability to simply read tags to a mission-critical solution that streamlines the supply chain, improves business control and intelligence, and enhances security. Building from the success of the industry-leading INfinity510 reader platform, the IN610 incorporates solution-oriented features that offer Sirit customers more for their RFID implementations.


-- Innovative "AutoPHY" feature enhances the reader's capability to dynamically adapt to changing conditions, so customers can focus on running their business instead of tuning their RF environment
-- Increased sensitivity while still rejecting interference, boosting performance in challenging dense reader environments
-- The bi-static configuration further enhances sensitivity in support of future Class 3 and "Battery Assisted Passive" (BAP) tag protocols as well as other applications where additional sensitivity is a benefit
-- Worldwide regulatory compliance
-- Multi-protocol support
-- Compatible with existing INfinity510 installations
-- Reduced power consumption (25 - 50%) while offering a high level of performance

128 MB Flash and 128 MB RAM support customer-deployed applications directly on the reader. Coupled with the IN610's additional processing speed, this allows customers to push more functionality to the edge of their networks and reduces the need for additional equipment. "METRO GROUP has used the INfinity510 reader extensively in RFID deployments for many years with outstanding results in terms of performance, reliability and support. Our testing with the INfinity610 tells us that Sirit's tradition of building exceptional RFID products is continuing, and we look forward to raising the performance bar yet again. We specifically appreciate the improved on-board computing power that provides us means to run advanced filter-algorithms for real-time false-positive reads suppression," reported Dr. Gerd Wolfram, Managing Director, METRO SYSTEMS GmbH.

"The Sirit Engineering team has delivered a product that outpaces the IN510 on several fronts, using less power and maintaining compatibility, making it a great choice for both new locations and 510 replacements," said Manfred Rietsch, President of Federal Signal Technologies. The IN610 brings new intelligence to RFID implementations and delivers solutions to Sirit customers. Authorized Sirit Partners are accepting pre-orders for the IN610 with shipments beginning in Q3 2011.

Please visit www.sirit.com for more information or to find a Sirit Partner near you.

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