RFID Reader includes firmware with stray tag elimination.

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Available for INfinity 510 UHF Reader, 3.0 Firmware can achieve peak throughput of 1,150 tags/sec when configured for 640 kbps in FCC region. Firmware provides solution-oriented features such as Feature License Manager, which helps control costs while allowing customers with advanced needs to expose specific features. With Stray Tag Elimination technology, customers can differentiate between tags that are actively transitioning RF field and tags that are in field but not moving.

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Sirit Adds Solution-Oriented Features to INfinity 510 RFID Reader

3.0 Firmware Introduces Stray Tag Elimination Technology

Toronto, ON - November 4, 2009 - Sirit Inc. ("Sirit") (TSX: SI), a global provider of radio frequency identification ("RFID") technology, announced today the release of the 3.0 Firmware for its industry leading UHF reader, the INfinity 510 ("IN510"). The new firmware includes several new solution oriented features including the Feature License Manager ("FLM"). The FLM helps control costs while allowing customers with advanced needs to expose specific features. The 3.0 firmware is fully compatible with all production hardware versions of the IN510.

The 3.0 firmware introduces "Stray Tag Elimination" technology ("STE"). This powerful addition allows customers to differentiate between tags that are actively transitioning the RF field and tags that are in the field but not moving. STE is particularly important around portals, such as a dock door, or for electronic article surveillance. The reader is able to distinguish between those tags moving through a portal or an exit separately from stationary tags in the vicinity of the portal.

"This feature is going to solve a lot of problems for our customers," said Dr. Bruce Roesner, Chief Technology Officer, Sirit. "The issue of stray tags has been a very expensive problem for many users of RFID. Sirit has taken advantage of the already industry leading performance of the IN510 coupling it with intelligent algorithms implemented directly in firmware to deliver a cost effective solution to our
customers," continued Dr. Roesner.

The 3.0 firmware can achieve a peak throughput of 1,150 tags per second when configured for 640 kbps in the FCC region. This allows the IN510 to continue to be the leading reader of choice for high performance applications. In addition, the 3.0 firmware expands regulatory support into Japan, Barbados, Colombia, Peru and Korea.
In addition to STE technology and increased throughput, the IN510 v3.0 firmware supports additional "solution-oriented" features including:

o Antenna Crossing Event - which allows users to discretely determine order of closely spaced items as they move past the antenna.

o Tag Phase Reporting - which enables advanced users to observe raw tag phase data and use these data as inputs to advanced algorithms that solve unique problems.

o Automatic Throughput Optimization - which proactively and dynamically manipulates reader settings to enhance performance.

Sirit is also excited to extend the IN510's base functionality through support of EPC Global Gen2 v.1.2.0, 496 bit EPC ID's and Alien Higgs-3 custom commands as well as numerous other enhancements.

"The next generation of RFID readers must do much more than simply read tags," said Norbert Dawalibi, Chief Executive Officer, Sirit. "RFID readers need to solve problems. With the 3.0 firmware, Sirit makes RFID work by bringing unique solutions to our customers' real world issues."

Previous versions of IN510's currently covered under Sirit's warranty program qualify for a free upgrade. Customers seeking to upgrade their IN510's can contact their local Sirit partner to obtain the firmware upgrade, the FLM specialized features or associated documentation. Additional details can be found at www.sirit.com.

About Sirit Inc.

Sirit Inc. (TSX: SI) is a leading provider of Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technology worldwide. Harnessing the power of Sirit's enabling-RFID technology, customers are able to more rapidly bring high quality RFID solutions to the market with reduced initial engineering costs. Sirit's products are built on more than 16 years of RF domain expertise addressing multiple frequencies (LF/HF/UHF), multiple
protocols and are compliant with global standards. Sirit's broad portfolio of products and capabilities can be customized to address new and traditional RFID market applications including Supply Chain & Logistics, Cashless Payment (including Electronic Tolling), Access Control, Automatic Vehicle Identification, Near Field Communications, Inventory Control & Management, Asset Tracking and Product Authentication. For more information, visit www.sirit.com.

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