RFID Reader/Encoder suits mobile and medical environments.

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TagRunners can be used in mobile environments for asset tracking/traceability, and in medical environments such as hospitals to ensure patient file/blood vial tracking. With ability to read up to 15,000 tags during continuous 48 hr use, user can check real-time battery status from mobile device. Features include RFID HF 13.56 MHz technology, Bluetooth Class 1 (up to 100 m), contact reading, protocol support, reading/encoding function, timestamp, no data loss mode, and auto reconnection.

Original Press Release:

Baracoda Introduces TagRunners

Contact RFID Reader suited for mobile and medical environments

LAS VEGAS, NEVADA AT RFID WORLD BOOTH 424 (SEPTEMBER 9, 2008) - Baracoda, the world's first manufacturer of Bluetooth® wireless barcode readers and RFID solutions, has introduced TagRunners to its portfolio of Bluetooth enterprise solutions.

TagRunners are a new line of RFID HF (High Frequency) readers/encoders dedicated to mobile environments for asset tracking and traceability. They are particularly useful in medical environments. For example, TagRunners can be used in hospitals to ensure patient file tracking or blood vial tracking to minimize risk of error.

TagRunners are Baracoda's entry into new mobile markets where barcodes don't exist, such as fragile vegetables and trees and for tanks, barrels and other items where security is essential.

True to the Baracoda portfolio of mobile solutions, TagRunners are lightweight and easy to carry and handle out in the field. They are particularly adapted to rugged environments and remain fully operational even after several drops onto concrete. With the ability to read up to 15,000 tags during a continuous 48-hour use, the operator can check real-time battery status from a mobile device.

Bluetooth is the only standard that eliminates interference issues between technologies that may coexist in the workplace. Bluetooth delivers secure data transmission, reliability and robustness in difficult environments, all with the elimination of wires and connectors. Bluetooth has become an essential component of mobility, and Baracoda is dedicated exclusively to Bluetooth software and hardware designs.

Features of the Baracoda TagRunners:

o RFID HF (High Frequency) 13.56 MHz technology

o Bluetooth Class 1 (up to 100 m)

o Contact reading

o Various protocols supported

o Reading / Encoding function

o Timestamp

o "No Data Loss" mode

o Auto reconnection

o Batch mode available

o Connects via a wide range of mobile devices including phones and PDAs

o Battery autonomy: up to 15,000 tags in one continuous use

To learn more about Baracoda's portfolio of Bluetooth barcode scanners and RFID enterprise solutions, please visit www.baracoda.com or call 718.488.9600.

About Baracoda

Baracoda, based in Paris, France with North American headquarters in Brooklyn, New York, is the world's leading manufacturer of Bluetooth wireless barcode readers and RFID solutions. The company promotes the development of data capture solutions for both Mobile and In Premise applications in the retail, healthcare, transportation and logistics industries as well as for all real-time traceability applications. Cutting-edge technology is the core of Baracoda products and solutions. Baracoda has made Bluetooth an industrial-strength data communication solution, with specific skills in the management of power consumption, security, and the interoperability of systems. Baracoda's added value lies in the ability to provide customers and partners with appropriate, reliable, and extremely competitive solutions suitable for all wireless environments. For more information, visit www.baracoda.com.


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