RFID Reader Chipset combines HF and UHF capabilities.

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Operating at 3.3 V, RangeMaster5(TM) enables design and maintenance of combination HF and UHF reader. I and Q filtering capability lets product be programmed to remove spurs, harmonics, and unwanted modulations. Comprised of 2 dynamically programmable analog signal processors and one RFID State Machine, 3-chip set can be customized to read various RFID tags with different modulation types and frequencies. Product fully supports current HF standards and UHF protocols.

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Anadigm® Reveals Third Generation Chipset for Combination HF and UHF RFID Readers

RangeMaster5(TM) Is a Dynamically Programmable Analog Signal Processor that Enables Both "I" and "Q" Channel Filtering for HF/UHF "Universal" RFID Readers

TEMPE, ARIZONA (USA) - May 30, 2006 - Anadigm® today announced the immediate availability of RangeMaster5(TM), the company's third-generation RFID reader 3.3 volt chip set solution that allows system vendors to design and maintain a single combination HF and UHF reader. The Rangemaster5(TM)-based system can be customized to read different radio frequency identification (RFID) tag types, with different modulation types and frequencies. RangeMaster5(TM) also fully supports current HF standards as well as the newer standards under study by EPC (Electronic Product Code(TM)) Global, Inc. Like previous RangeMaster(TM) devices, RangeMaster5(TM) will support UHF protocols- EPC Global Gen 1 and Gen 2 (class 0, 1, 2) as well as ISO18000-6 standards. RangeMaster5(TM) is the third in a family of RFID reader solutions that Anadigm is developing for the rapidly expanding RFID markets. RFID technology is revolutionizing markets as diverse as retail sales - by managing inventory and electronic payments via mobile phones - to medical applications by ensuring that hospital patients receive the correct treatments and medications.

RangeMaster5(TM) is a three-chip set comprised of two dynamically programmable analog signal processors (dpASP) in conjunction with an RFID State Machine. This enables system designers to develop universal RFID readers that can support both HF and UHF, changing between HF and UHF baseband frequencies dynamically, in a few microseconds. RangeMaster5(TM) also features the ability to dynamically change between protocols and frequencies allowing for optimized RFID tag reading. By allowing standardization around a single printed circuit board to support multiple end products and markets, RangeMaster5(TM) simplifies and improves product development. This next generation of RangeMaster(TM) not only reduces development time and ownership costs of fixed systems, but also enables portable designs by reducing supply voltage requirements and power consumption.

RangeMaster5(TM) operates at 3.3 volts, while providing increased read range and sensitivity optimization with variable gain. Its I and Q filtering capability allows RangeMaster5(TM) to be programmed to remove spurs, harmonics, and unwanted modulations, thereby increasing the overall performance of the RFID reader. As a 3.3 volt chip set, with significantly lower power consumption than most 5 volt devices, it is ideally suited for portable readers, as well as fixed based readers. In "UHF" mode, it offers the user a choice of four different baseband analog signal processing circuits (Universal, EPC Gen 2 -- twin or triple - or Class 0). In "HF" mode it offers the choice between universal and twin-signal processing circuits. RangeMaster5(TM) also supports the ability for the user to select from 16 predefined values of the upper and the lower sub-carrier frequencies and to choose digital or analog outputs. With its easy to use control word access via a serial peripheral interface (SPI), the user has the ability to adjust multiple parameters without disruption to the signal path.

Because the RangeMaster(TM) family is based on real-time programmable analog technology, it allows for innovative system design. The gain in the baseband analog signal processor of the RFID reader can be adjusted to dynamically optimize the tag read range in RangeMaster5(TM) systems. The reader can also be calibrated at the customer site to eliminate background interferences, such as that caused by fluorescent lighting. RangeMaster(TM) allows EPC Gen2 frequency pair decoding or selectable single frequency decoding. The chipset also provides anti-saturation control and can extract all data frequencies from DC to 800 kHz, and selected frequencies up to 3.3 MHz.

"Industry analysts expect the worldwide RFID business to be a multi-billion dollar market by 2010, and RFID readers will be a significant component of that growth," according to Richard Riker, CEO of Anadigm. "The third generation RangeMaster5(TM) continues to demonstrate Anadigm's commitment to this market. Our 3.3 volt operation will enable both HF and UHF applications and will be ideal for both portable and fixed RFID reader designs."

The suggested resale price of the RangeMaster5(TM) evaluation board is $199.00 and the suggested resale price for the three-chip RangeMaster5(TM) solution starts at US $17.94 in 10,000-set quantities. Samples are available now. For additional information, go to www.anadigm.com.

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Anadigm® brings platform-based design to the analog world with pre-qualified software and hardware components that allow complex analog circuits to be implemented in real time programmable Analog DSP. Designed to implement signal conditioning, filtering, data acquisition, closed-loop control, and other analog functions in a wide range of embedded systems, Anadigm® Analog DSP's are leading programmable analog ICs that can adapt on the fly to perform multiple functions, and adjust to different environmental conditions. For further information, visit Anadigm® on the Web at www.anadigm.com.

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