RFID Integrated Circuits operate at 13.56 MHz.

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Model EM4035 includes ISO18000-3 mode 1 compliant crypto-algorithm with 96-bit secret key for symmetrical challenge/response, making it suitable for high-security, hands-free access control. Models EM4135 and EM4034 are identical to EM4035, but do not include Crypto and are suited for logistics and tracking applications. Requiring serial 3-wire microcontroller interface, Model EM4094 provides up to 200 mW of OOK or ASK modulation output from 5 V supply and is suited for handheld RFID readers.

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EM Microelectronic Announces 13.56MHZ Transponder IC with Crypto for High Security and 13.56MHZ Multi-Standard Reader IC

The new family of high frequency RFID ICs completes EM's UHF and 125kHz broad portfolio of products in order to serve the widest possible range of RFID applications

MARIN, Switzerland - June 8, 2004 - EM Microelectronic, an electronic systems company of the Swatch Group and the world's largest supplier of RFID ICs, announces a family of RFID integrated circuits that operate at 13.56MHz for contactless identification systems. The family, which includes the EM4035, EM4135, EM4034 and EM4094, is based on many years of experience with 13.56MHz RFID technology, and demonstrates EM Microelectronic's commitment to cover all frequencies for RFID in order to offer maximum flexibility. The EM4035 contains a crypto algorithm guaranteeing high security and can be used in a multiple access card. The EM4094 is a versatile reader IC compatible with all 13.56MHz tags and is among the most cost effective solution in the market today.

"EM Microelectronic's 13.56MHz family is ISO15693 compliant. In parallel with 125kHz RFID ICs, these circuits are used in applications that require crypto and secured access, such as security and access control, time and attendance tracking and asset management." explains Mougahed Darwish, president of the management board of EM Microelectronic. "The 13.56MHz RFID ICs can typically read 20-40 tags per second. The new circuits are all compatible with the international standard ISO15693 defining protocols of RFID transponders in the "vicinity range" of up to 1 meter."

EM had already built ASICs working at 13.56Mhz for specific customers for more than 7 years. Building on this experience and introducing now standard circuits available to everyone, EM continues its strategy to develop RFID ICs for all applications and working at all frequencies. In this way, EM is able to offer the right device for the right application at the right price, whether at low frequency, high frequency or ultra high frequency. Building on its expertise and more than 15 years of experience in the RFID market, EM wants to be able to address all possible RFID markets with the most suitable device, recognizing that everyone's needs are different.

EM4035: The EM4035 includes an ISO18000-3 mode 1 compliant crypto-algorithm with 96-bit secret key for symmetrical challenge/response, making it suitable for high-security hands-free access control, ticketing, anti-counterfeiting and asset management. The EM4035 is optimized for multi-applications such as access control and ticketing, making it possible to provide a secure, universal card. For example, the EM4035 could enable one card to be used simultaneously to access the library, swimming pool, ski facility and loyalty program. The EM4035 features a 3.2Kbit EEPROM organized as 50 words of 64 bits, and each word can be irreversibly locked. The on-chip memory contains a 64-bit Unique Identifier (UID), with a 6-bit chip type identifier and a unique 10-bit code that can be custom-programmed per customer request.

EM4135 and EM4034: The EM4135 and EM4034 are identical to the EM4035 except that they do not include CRYPTO and are ideal for very low-cost logistics and tracking applications. EM4135 and EM4034 contain 2.3 Kbit and 448 bit of Read/Write user memory, respectively. Optimized for ultra-dense and low-cost designs, the EM4135 and EM4034 have bonding pads that are optimized for flip-chip assembly and have a -40 to +85° C operating temperature range. Moreover, EM4034/35 and EM4135 are completely self-contained, require no external capacitors, and derive their power from the RF energy supplied by a single antenna connection.

EM4094: The EM4094 is a universal RFID reader IC that is compatible with virtually all 13.56MHz RFID tags, including ISO15693 and ISO14443A&B, as well as proprietary protocols. Requiring minimal external components and a serial 3-wire microcontroller interface, the EM4094 provides up to 200mW of OOK or ASK modulation output from a single 5-volt supply and is ideal for low-cost, hand-held RFID readers and tag monitoring stations. The versatile EM4094 has AM/PM demodulation with AGC signal amplifier, multiple sub-carrier capability of 212kHz, 424kHz and 848kHz, and is compatible with Manchester or BPSK sub-carrier coding. The programmable device features built-in 400kHz/1MHz low-pass and 100/200/300kHz high-pass filters, selectable receiver gain and power-down mode. Multiple receiver inputs are provided for redundant/diversity antenna arrangements to achieve enhanced communications reliability. The EM4094 operating temperature range is -40 to +85° C.

In recent reports released independently by Venture Development Corporation and ABI Research, EM Microelectronic is the current leading (#1) supplier of RFID transponder ICs worldwide. EM Microelectronic has shipped more than 600 million units worldwide in security/access control, animal identification, automobile immobilization and supply chain management systems.

The EM4035/34, EM4135 and EM4094 are shipping now from EM Microelectronic and its authorized distributors. The EM4035/34 and EM4135 are available as sawn wafer, with or without bumps. The EM4094 is also available now from EM Microelectronic and its authorized distributors in SO20 or SO16 packaging in stick or in tape and reel. More information about the new circuits is available at www.emmicroelectronic.com.

About EM Microelectronic
EM Microelectronic is a semiconductor manufacturer designing and producing ultra low power, low voltage, digital, analog and mixed-signal integrated circuits (ICs) for battery-operated and field-powered devices in consumer, automotive and industrial applications.

RFID chips feature read/write, anti-collision, 125kHz, 13.56MHz, UHF and 2.45GHz operation for applications in security and access control, animal ID, logistics and immobilization in automotive. Other products include microprocessor supervisors and reset ICs, microcontrollers, smart card ICs, mixed analog and digital gate arrays, ASICs, LCD drivers and displays and optoelectronic ICs. EM also produces (LCD) modules and offers bumping services.

EM Microelectronic is one the electronic systems companies within the Swatch Group, producing and assembling ultra-low power, miniaturized and accurate microelectronic components and systems. Additional company and product information is available at www.emmicroelectronic.com.

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