RFID Antennas feature low-profile design with 3-axis coil.

Press Release Summary:

Suited for RFID transponder applications from 20-134.2 kHz, 3DC11LP-0247J, 3DC11LP-0477J, and 3DC11LP-0720J antennas consist of 3 coils oriented to x-, y-, and z-axis coordinates and windings over one common core. Isolation between axes is higher than 25 dB. At 13 x 11.6 x 3.6 mm, units incorporate plastic cap on tap and around coil, offering maximized sensitivity to magnetic fields. Applications include passive keyless entry systems, tire pressure monitoring systems, and access control.

Original Press Release:

PREMO Launchs a Low Profile Three Axes Coil (X-Y-Z) with High Robustness; the "3DC11LP" for RFID Transponder Application (from 20kHz up to 134.2kHz)

Its better drop test and handling performance has been reached by putting a plastic cap on top and around the coil, maintaining practically the same dimensions (13 x 11.6 x 3.6 mm) without changes in the electrical parameters. This part offers maximum sensitivity to magnetic field reaching reading distances between 20% and 30% higher than others similar antennas.

PREMO 3DC solution is the smallest in the market (sensitivity-volume rate). Main applications are:

- Passive Keyless entry and Keyless Go Systems

- Remote Tyre Pressure Monitoring Systems

- Industrial and Logistics Control (incorporated to active RFID Tags)

- Access Control

- Tracking devices, etc.

This coil was designed with isotropic performance to avoid issues with the keyfob orientation in Passive Entry Systems, its excellents electrical performance make it useful for other sectors.

This antenna consist of 3 coils oriented to 3 axes coordinates "X", "Y", and "Z" and windings over one common core, getting a full spatial coverage, thanks to field ortogonality. Isolation between axes, has been improved over previous version, being higher than 25dB. This design offers in the same component the functionality of three, meaning cost and space reduction with increasing reliability.

Some recommended values for different chip-sets in the market are:

L=2,47mH, sensitivity higher than 50mVpp/App/m for NXP

L=4,77mH, sensitivity higher than 65mVpp/App/m for NXP, Atmel and TI.

The next chart is a reference guide for the most common required values at 125 kHz working frequency:

P/N L x,y,z(mH) Cres (pF) Q x,y,z SRF x, y (kHz) SRF z(kHz) RDC x,y Max (W) RDC z Max (W) Sensitivity x,y,z(mVpp/App/m)
3DC11LP-0247J 2.47 656 >25 >500 >800 50 50 >50
3DC11LP-0477J 4.77 340 >30 >370 >600 70 96 >65
3DC11LP-0720J 7.20 225 >25 >350 >500 84 120 >72
L (inductance) and Q (quality factor) measured at 125 kHz, 1 Vac. Sensitivity measured with a Hemholtz coil H:8.36 App/m @125 kHz.

Any other inductance value at LF or differents tolerance can be provided. Also different inductance values in the different winding axis can be supplied.

For more information about dimensions, electrical diagrams and values chart, please visit our website: www.grupopremo.com

Premo Group is a worldwide leading company designing, manufacturing and supplying standard or custom made inductive components for the electronics market. Our wide range of products as RFID transponder coils, EMC filters, PLC accessories, planar transformers, current transducers and chokes cover most applications in the different market sectors.

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