RF Transmitter offers range of up to 500 ft.

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Featuring dip-switch programming and 59,049 available codes, one-button Model SK-919TT1S-BU is suited for applications requiring large number of identical codes. Measuring 2 x 1.5 x .6 in., unit operates at 315 MHz frequency and includes flashing LED to indicate transmission, 12 Vdc alkaline battery, and chrome keychain ring. Transmitter can be used in place of keypads and key locks for wireless remote control of alarms, garage doors, or house lights.

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SECO-LARM Introduces Its Hot New RF Transmitter

SECO-LARM introduces its hot new RF transmitter (the SK-919TT1S-BU) with dip-switch
programming and 59,049 available codes. The DIP switch coding is perfect for applications requiring large numbers of identical codes (block coding). DIP switch coding also allows for simple matching of a transmitter already in use.

Use the SK-919TT1S-BU one-button transmitter in place of keypads and key locks for
wireless RF remote control of alarm control panels, garage doors, house lights or other devices.

The SK-919TT1S-BU offers a slimline design (measures just 2" x 1.5" x .6") and a range of up to 500 feet. The frequency is 315MHz (433.92 Mhz also available by request). It includes a flashing LED to indicate transmission, a 12VDC alkaline battery, and a chrome keychain ring. The SK-919TT1S-BU replaces the discontinued SK-919TDIS-U. It is compatible with all SECO-LARM 1, 2, and 4-channel RF Receivers. For easy integration into existing systems, it is also compatible with various pre-coded transmitters, such as SECO-LARM's SK-919TD1S-UP.

The SK-919TT1S-BU is just one of SECO-LARM's wide selection of alarms and accessories for the security and electronics industries. For more information about the SK-919TT1S-BUor any of SECO-LARM.s full line of residential and commercial security systems and accessories, or to request our latest catalog, please contact the SECO-LARM Sales Department (949) 261-2999 (California), fax (949) 261-7326 or (800) 662-0800, or visit us on the Web at seco-larm.com.

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