RF Plastics Welding can fabricate Medalist® elastomer bags.

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Used for joining and assembly, ecoGenesis(TM) RF plastics welding technology lets manufacturers of medical fluid delivery, storage, and drainage bags obtain clarity, elasticity, and performance characteristics of Medalist® medical elastomers while providing safe and fully compliant alternative to PVC, thermoplastic polyurethane, or natural rubber latex. Complex patterns can be welded in one sequence, accommodating range of design possibilities.

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RF Welding Creates New Alternative for Fabricating Medical Fluid Bags Made with Medalist® Elastomers

Teknor Apex and Genesis Plastics Welding Cooperate in Applying ecoGenesis(TM) Technology to the Fabrication of Fluid Delivery, Storage and Drainage Bags from TPE Film

INDIANAPOLIS - An innovation in radio frequency (RF) plastics welding now enables manufacturers of medical bags and pouches to obtain the clarity, elasticity, and performance advantages of Medalist® medical elastomers while providing a safe and fully compliant alternative to PVC, thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU), or natural rubber latex.

Teknor Apex Company and Genesis Plastics Welding are jointly announcing this breakthrough at MD&M East, where ecoGenesis(TM) RF plastics welded samples of fluid drainage and storage bags from Medalist-based film are on display at the exhibits of Genesis (Booth 968) and Teknor Apex (Booth 829A).

While conventional RF plastics welding works well with such polymers as PVC and TPU, low dielectric loss materials such as Medalist elastomers from Teknor Apex have until now not been bondable with this process. The ecoGenesis RF plastics welding technology developed by Genesis enables film produced from a Medalist elastomer to form strong permanent bonds with itself as well as with polypropylene and similar polymers. And while the alternative technique of heat sealing produces only a straight-line bond, the sample bags shown at MD&M East exhibit the ability to weld complex patterns in one sequence, displaying the wide range of design possibilities available for Medalist elastomers with ecoGenesis RF plastics welding technology.

This new capability for joining and assembly makes available to manufacturers of medical fluid delivery, storage, and drainage bags several important advantages over widely used PVC. Besides being free of halogens and phthalates, Medalist elastomers are available at lower hardness ranges, provide a broader processing window, exhibit greater elasticity and superior low-temperature flexibility, have a wider range of service temperatures, and save weight because of their lower density. Like PVC, Medalist elastomers are available in fully transparent grades.

"ecoGenesis RF plastics welding is the latest addition to a rapidly expanding portfolio of methods for fabricating medical devices with components made from Medalist elastomers," said Elliott Pritikin, new business development specialist for Teknor Apex's Thermoplastic Elastomer Division. "High-purity Medalist compounds can be sealed or bonded using standard techniques, including adhesive bonding, vibration welding, heat-sealing-and now RF welding."

The availability of RF plastics welding capability for Medalist elastomers gives greater scope for designers and processors of medical bags and pouches, noted Tom Ryder, president and CEO of Genesis Plastics Welding. "In making it possible to RF-weld Medalist elastomers, the proprietary ecoGenesis technology opens the door to lower manufacturing costs, elimination of heat-seal additives, and the possibility of reducing raw-material costs. In addition, RF plastics welding yields dependable, clean-looking seals-even in intricately shaped patterns."

Genesis provides companies using Medalist elastomers with two options: 1) to use the welding services of the company as a contract manufacturer employing a regulation-compliant clean room at its facility in Indiana, U.S.A.; or 2) to license the ecoGenesis technology for use on their own standard RF welding equipment.

About Genesis Plastics Welding
Genesis Plastics Welding is one of the industry's leading contract manufacturing companies that specializes in radio frequency (RF) plastics welding of thermoplastic products and components for industries including medical, military, automotive, marine and consumer products. Unique to the plastics welding industry, Genesis' proprietary heat sealing technology allows RF plastics welding of polyethylene, polypropylene and nearly any low-loss polymer in film, foam and fabric layers. The technology is an ideal replacement for Polyvinylchloride (PVC) and Polyurethane with "green" phthalate-free plastics as it causes polymers with low dielectric loss factors to respond to RF plastics welding just like PVC. The company's plastics welding technology, ecoGenesis(TM), also aids in cost reduction as it eliminates the need for expensive heat seal additives and enables the substitution of lower cost raw materials. Available for private licensing to manufacturers, ecoGenesis can be quickly integrated into any existing RF heat sealing machine. Contact Genesis Plastics Welding, headquartered near Indianapolis in Indiana, at 317-485-7887 or visit www.GenesisPlasticsWelding.com.

About Teknor Apex Company
Teknor Apex Company is a diversified plastics compounder that sells in 90 countries and operates manufacturing facilities in the U.S., Europe, and Asia. The Thermoplastic Elastomer Division's Medalist® high-purity medical elastomers are available with hardness from Shore OO 25 to Shore A 87, include clear, translucent, and opaque formulations, and have applications ranging from film and tubing to molded components and wire and cable. An expandable registered binder with a wealth of test data on Medalist products and resources for designers and processors is available to qualified OEMs, designers, and plastics processors in the medical device and healthcare product industries. It can be requested from the Medalist website at www.medalistmd.com or by emailing Teknor Apex at medalist@teknorapex.com. Other Teknor Apex plastics businesses include the Bioplastics, Nylon, Specialty Compounding, and Vinyl Divisions and Teknor Color Company. www.teknorapex.com.

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