RF Modems withstand harsh environmental conditions.

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Housed in NEMA 4X enclosures, Models ACE6490 and ACE6790 deliver variable output power up to 1 W at 900 MHz. Model ACE6790 utilizes dynamic peer-to-peer protocol for enabling mesh topology, while Model ACE6490 employs server/client networking architecture. Both transceivers utilize FHSS technology and employ data-encryption standards. Typical applications include SCADA, industrial control, outdoor signage, and utility monitoring.

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AeroComm Unveils Reliable RF Connectivity for Harsh Environmental Condition

Lenexa, Kansas (USA) - February 25, 2005 - Fueled by market demand for affordable, heavy-duty wireless equipment, AeroComm Inc. today announced the highly anticipated ACE family of RF modems. ACE6490 and ACE6790 are housed in rugged NEMA-4x enclosures, designed to withstand the rigors of extreme weather or other severe surroundings. Each product delivers variable output power up to one watt at 900MHz, maximizing range in even the toughest environmental conditions.

ACE products embed two distinct protocols to offer unmatched flexibility for rugged applications. ACE6790 utilizes dynamic peer-to-peer protocol for enabling mesh topology, while ACE6490 employs AeroComm's signature server/client networking architecture. Both products instill the reliability expected from AeroComm's field-proven Frequency Hopping Spread Spectrum technology.

ACEs are ideal for any application where weather or other harsh environments are a concern. The devices are designed specifically to handle these extreme conditions without sacrificing performance. Typical applications include SCADA, industrial control, outdoor signage and utility monitoring.

A convenient and cost-efficient feature of the ACE products is the ability to use them with AeroComm's existing 900MHz solutions. Both ACE6490 and ACE6790 transceivers have compatible over-the-air communications with all 4490- and 4790-series ConnexLink(TM) and OEM modules. Users can save additional cost by using ACE in the harsh area while communicating wirelessly to other AeroComm products in non-harsh areas.

"Many of our existing customers asked for a reasonably-priced NEMA-rated wireless solution - mainly because other products on the market today demand huge premiums for outdoor usage," said John Eckart, Vice President of Sales. "The new ACE gives them affordable RF, rugged packaging, excellent range, and complete cross-functionality with all of our 900MHz products."

All AeroComm 900MHz transceivers utilize FHSS technology, employ data-encryption standards and support transmit-power levels of up to one watt. ACE Evaluation Kits are available, featuring two transceivers, antennas, power supplies and cabling to assist customers in assessment. Individual ACE units will sell for $399 each in small volumes.

About Aerocomm
AeroComm Inc. has played a major role in the short-range RF industry for over a decade with consistent technological advances in both performance and price. The company made waves in 1994 by gaining FCC approval for the first 2.4GHz spread spectrum transceivers. Soon after, it introduced its groundbreaking $200 digital sequence commercial module. In 1996 AeroComm shifted to frequency hopping for greater interference immunity in any environment. Its innovative design techniques resulted in superior modules using inexpensive materials - producing a cost-per-module that suited vastly more applications. AeroComm broke the $100 price barrier in 1998. Responding to the growing demand for affordable yet versatile wireless, it quickly developed the first complete line of 2.4GHz OEM RF transceivers. These products were backed by the company's own fully-automated radio testing system, measuring all critical parameters and assuring the highest quality. Today the company continues to support a myriad of applications where wireless was previously cost-prohibitive. Its robust proprietary technology, manufacturing and testing guarantee reliable communication, while lower frequencies and fewer parts allow for reduced prices. Additionally, AeroComm has adopted the motto of "Instant Wireless" - a commitment to facilitate fast and easy RF integration. Visit www.aerocomm.com for more information.

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