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RF BMA Coaxial Contacts offer dual-level EMI protection.

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RF BMA Coaxial Contacts offer dual-level EMI protection.

May 30, 2012 - Intended for military telecom and radar fields, D38999 contacts accommodate 0-18 GHz frequencies and can be integrated in each of 16 SOURIAU 38999 layouts featuring 8-gauge sockets. Design work and control of mechanical tolerances ensure RF transmission quality, even in harsh conditions set out in MIL standard. Each contact has its own shielding ring as complement to D38999 shielding ring, and standing wave levels at BMA coaxial interface let users envisage breaks in coaxial lines.

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D38999 with RF BMA Coaxial Contacts

Press release date: May 25, 2012

SOURIAU recently extended its range of D38999 contacts by proposing solutions in the military telecommunications and radar fields.

These RF BMA coaxial contacts have been developed for frequencies ranging from 0 GHz to 18 GHz. This means that they are compatible with the main telecom frequencies (Wi-Fi, GSM, WIMAX, Ku band, etc.) and with those used for many types of radar equipment.

Specific criteria have been selected to ensure that the RF contacts can be integrated in each of the 16 SOURIAU 38999 layouts featuring normalized 8-gauge sockets. The advanced design work and careful control of mechanical tolerances enables users to ensure high-quality RF transmission, even in the event of harsh conditions of use as set out in the MIL standard (vibration, impacts, salt spray, etc.).

The new RF BMA coaxial contacts are set apart by their performance levels. Each contact has its own shielding ring, as a complement to the D38999 shielding ring. RF transmission is thus given twin levels of protection from EMI. To add to that, the very good standing wave levels obtained at the BMA coaxial interface now enable users to envisage breaks in coaxial lines. This means that the long coaxial cables currently used in certain planes can be segmented, while maintaining satisfactory linking results. This type of segmentation facilitates modular construction and maintenance by aeronautical integrators. Lastly, SOURIAU also makes composite 38999 connectors to meet weight constraints, together with RoHS protections providing an alternative to cadmium (zinc nickel, QPL protection code Z) to comply with the latest RoHS requirements.

RF BMA coaxial contacts thus provide efficient solutions for RF transmission in a certified D38999 environment. This enables SOURIAU to bring its composite technologies and RoHS Zinc Nickel protection in MIL environments into line with the tried and tested technology of high-frequency coaxial communication, and hence provide its customers with a high-performance product, for example when installing Wi-Fi on board commercial or military aircraft.