RF Amplifier are suited for low-power applications.

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With frequency response of 4.0-10.6 GHz, Model 20S4G11 broadband solid-state amp helps satisfy need for low-power, high-frequency applications. Operating specifications include rated power output of 20 W min, flatness of +2.0 dB typ and +3.0 dB max, as well as gain, at max setting, of 43 dB min. Mismatch tolerance is rated at 100% of rated power without feedback, and harmonic distortion is -20 dBc max at 20 W.

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New AR Worldwide RF Amplifier Expands Power Options In High Frequency Line

Souderton, PA - 5/27/05 - AR Worldwide has introduced a new 20-watt amplifier into its family of higher frequency amplifiers. Model 20S4G11 is the latest addition to the line of broadband solid-state amplifiers that satisfy the need for low power, high frequency applications.

The 20S4G11 joins models 1S4G11, 5S4G11 and 10S4G11, which have rated power outputs of 1, 5 and 10 respectively. With a frequency response of 4.0 - 10.6 GHz, this ever-growing family of amplifiers provide "room to grow" as specifications and requirements demand higher frequencies. As the wireless markets continue to operate at higher frequencies, and EMC frequencies rise, this expanding line of broadband amplifiers is ready to help users meet emerging standards.

A quick review of its specs provides strong evidence that the 20S4G11 has the power, range, and versatility to meet virtually any challenge:

Rated Power Output: 20 watts minimum

Flatness: +2.0 dB typical / +3.0 dB maximum

Frequency Response: 4.0 - 10.6 GHz instantaneously

Gain (at max setting): 43 dB minimum

Mismatch Tolerance: 100% of rated power without feedback

Harmonic Distortion: -20 dBc maximum at 20 watts

AR Worldwide Competitive Edge products supply a multitude of unique RF solutions to companies around the world. The company's limitless support network reaches the far corners of the globe. The 20S4G11 is backed by AR Worldwide's exclusive, "best-in-the-business, second-to-none," 3-year warranty.

For more information, contact AR Worldwide RF/Microwave Instrumentation, 160 School House Rd. Souderton, PA 18964 at 215-723-8181 or at www.ar-worldwide.com. For an applications engineer, call 800-933-8181.

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