Rexam's Technical Challenge: Vivara by Pucci Closure

For its 60th anniversary, Pucci has designed a closure which elegantly conveys the brand's entire universe and style. The idea was to reproduce the colours and design of one of the famous scarves from the Italian fashion house.

Rexam was chosen to create this exceptional closure, a transparent semi-sphere encasing the coloured print acting as the visual image for the fragrance. To create this visual effect, Dispensing Systems needed to meet the following specifications: recreate a coloured design from an irregular transparent form, obtain optimal visibility from any angle, perfectly reproduce the sharpness of the graphic detail and depth of the decoration, and create a magnifying effect enabling the image to be sufficiently enlarged.

The material and printing techniques were chosen specifically to meet this challenge. RDS recommended Surlyn for its transparency and technical properties (fragrance compatibility and injection moulding characteristics), and direct pad printing. This technique required the development of screens and pads conforming to the cap's interior shape. This development was made in collaboration with Printing International, a specialist in pad printing.

The perfect mastery by Rexam Simandre (Saa´ne et Loire) of the injection moulding process of complex geometrical forms and its expertise in various decoration techniques made it possible to obtain a faithful reproduction of the 6 colours found in the Pucci scarf.

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