Rework Stations suit lead-free rework.

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Series II RD-500 offers Dual-Point Auto Profiling, which provides closed-loop temperature control between top of component and ball/pad junction to minimize thermal delta. Three-point heating system includes localized hot gas top heater, localized hot gas bottom heater, and infrared area heater. Two-point cooling system consists of integrated cooling fan and top and/or bottom local nozzles that blow cool air. Side-inspection video system for monitoring process is optional.

Original Press Release:

New Series II Rework Stations by DEN-ON Instruments Co.

Repair Solutions for Lead-Free and Eutectic Rework

San Diego, California (February 16, 2005) - FocalSpot, Inc (, a provider of advanced BGA/SMT inspection and rework solutions to the SMT electronic manufacturers industry, announced today the unveiling of the new RD-500 Series II Rework Stations from DEN-ON Instruments Company of Japan, a worldwide leader of rework equipment. The newly redesigned Series II Rework Stations offer new design features to make rework and repair of lead-free components and connectors even more efficient. FocalSpot will be previewing the Series II at the APEX 2005 Trade Show in Anaheim, California February 22nd - 23rd in booth 1201.

The RD-500 Series II adds an additional auto-profile feature "Dual-Point Auto Profiling" which provides closed-loop temperature control between the top of component and the ball/pad junction to minimize thermal delta. This additional thermal control point is unique to the RD-500 Series II system and is a result of close customer collaboration on lead free rework applications. In addition, an automated cooling fan has been added to quickly cool the part (recommended for certain applications using lead-free solder alloys).

The new RD-500 Series II Rework Stations have several unique technology features whereby reflow profiles can be controlled to create the perfect profile for any board or component. With a price tag starting under $40 the RD-500 Series II Rework Stations offers excellent performance with features and capabilities usually only available on systems costing two or three times as much.

Unique Rework Technology & Features:
o 3-Point Heating System for efficient Lead-Free rework
- Localized Hot Gas Top Heater
- Localized Hot Gas Bottom Heater
- Infrared Area Heater (moveable)

o 2-point Cooling System designed to produce stronger solder joints
- Blow cool air thru Top and/or Bottom Local Nozzles
- Integrated Cooling Fan

o 2-point Auto-Profiling prevents package over-temperature
- Controls the solder ball and package temperatures

o Optional Side-Inspection Video System
- The Side-Inspection Video System enables a user to visually monitor the solder reflow process in action. The ability to observe in real-time: placement force, placement accuracy and scrutinize the device re-attachment/reflow process, makes this a useful tool for fast/accurate processes development.
- Video systems include:
-- Color CCD camera with high magnification optics
-- Movable camera supports and magnetic attachment rail
-- LED lighting source
-- 5.6" TFT color monitor, clamp, cables and power supply

- NOTE: This same camera can also be used as a post rework visual inspection tool as well.

o Profile Verification
- Precise time and temperature feedback and control
- User defined Rules-based (pass/fail) profile verification

About FocalSpot, Inc.
FocalSpot, Inc. is the exclusive distributor for DEN-ON advanced rework stations in North and South America, Canada and Mexico, providing Sales, Service, Applications Support and Training.

For more information about FocalSpot, Inc. please visit the FocalSpot, Inc. website: email: or Tel: 858.536.5050, Frank Silva.

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