Revolutionary NanOil(TM) from Green Bio-Diesel Prepares for Retail Sales

Nano Chemical Systems Holding, Inc. Selects Automotive Marketing & Sales Agency to Execute Aggressive Retail Launch With High Performance Environmentally Friendly Product!

SEAFORD, Del., Feb. 28 // -- Nano Chemical Systems Holdings, Inc. (BULLETIN BOARD: NCSH) , announced today NanOil(TM), a two-cycle engine oil that is "smokeless" operating, environmentally friendly "Green" product, performs as a "moly" oil and can be made from by-products of one type of Green Palm Biodiesel production. NanOil(TM) is the first commercially offered organic synthetic oil.

Also today, the Company reached agreement with Marketiquette, Inc. for marketing and sales of NanOil(TM) to the $4.7 billion automotive products segment of the automotive aftermarket, working with their recently appointed COO & VP Sales Louis Petrucci who has significant experience with developing structure for a large consumer products distribution network.

"NanOil(TM) is the first in a pipeline of innovative products and our collaboration with Marketiquette will provide us a true convergent approach to getting the products to market while the focus on development is not compromised," says Mr. Petrucci.

From concept to shelf to consumer, Marketiquette Inc. ( focuses on marketing and sales within the automotive chemicals categories, creating a branding strategy, a go-to-market plan and sales through its nationwide sales representative network consisting of 100 plus industry professionals. This multi-channel, national retail and wholesale representative network provides access to the automotive chemical decision makers throughout North America representing 100,000 retail locations, including AutoZone, Advance Auto Parts, CSK Auto, O'Reilly's Auto Parts, Strauss Auto Parts, Pep Boys, NAPA, Carquest, Costco and Wal-Mart ... all within 90 days.

"'GREEN' is in its infancy and to date, there has been plenty of 'talk' about the environment, but very few products are available at retail for concerned consumers to do 'their' part," says Jeffrey Loch, President & CEO of Marketiquette. He then went on to say, "NanOil(TM), a smokeless environmentally friendly all purpose two-cycle motor oil, will satisfy these needs and we believe will quickly be the choice of environmentally concerned consumers everywhere ... we're excited to partner with NCSH to offer the consumer a product with increased performance while fulfilling their inner values of global responsibility."

NanOil(TM) patent pending process immerses nano-sized molybdenum metal ball bearings to support the oil made from the byproducts of one type of the Palm Bio-diesel production process. Implementing nano-technology to make nano-sized ball bearings allows the use of only trace amounts of "moly" to achieve or exceed performance specifications because the performance is dependent on the surface area of the ball bearings and not on the total weight of "moly" where a nano-meter size ball has 2,000 times as much surface area per unit weight as a 10,000 times larger micron sized ball. The "moly" in NanOil(TM) puts the racetrack advantages of performance and wear resistance under high temperature operation into the hands of consumers at a low price.

About the Product:

NanOil(TM), universal two-cycle engine oil, is separated from the competition because it is a "smokeless" and environmentally friendly "Green" product. NanOil(TM) doesn't smoke because of the high temperature stability associated with modified fatty-acids used rather than crude oil hydrocarbon. It's like cooking chicken on the stove in corn oil produces no smoke instead of cooking in butter and producing smoke, or following an old car that needs a ring job on the freeway that billows out smoke as it leaks motor oil into the combustion chamber. Because NanOil(TM), two-cycle engine oil is made from renewable materials of organic origin and not from crude oil the exhaust has less impact on the environment because of its superior biodegradability and possibly less impact on the lungs of the operator of the machine.

NanOil(TM) for two cycle engines is available in three sizes, to eliminate the need to measure, ready-to-mix with 1, 2.5 and 5 gallons of fuel. Point of sale displays are a floor mounted bilingual 1/4 pallets for larger stores and hanging shelf strips for the smaller retail locations. There are a number of testing, process, specification, approval, supply channel and distribution channel issues that need to be overcome before these four products can be offered for sale.

About The Company:

In this age of "virtual companies" that rely on technology thinly veiled in contract manufacturing and outsourcing, Nano Chemical Systems stands apart with in-house nano-research, development and a manufacturing plant, proven efficient against foreign competition, used as a spring board to inject world- class technology to be a "real company" with high growth and high profitability in Nanotechnology enhanced chemical materials markets worldwide. Nano Chemical Systems Holdings, Inc. has a wholly owned subsidiary, Sea Spray Aerosol, Inc. that produces aerosol products for its own formulas and does private labeling for various customers. Sea Spray operates a 36,000 square foot facility that contains offices, research, warehouse and manufacturing operations.

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