Revere Security and Evigia Team Up to Provide World's First Standards-Based Secure RFID Solution

Revere Security and Evigia have partnered to tap into the much sought-after market for secure RFID solutions leveraging Evigia's cutting edge active RFID systems.

DALLAS - Privately funded Revere Security, the world's leading Edge Security provider, has announced that it entered into a partnership with Evigia, the RFID industry-leading provider of wireless and sensing solutions for government and commercial applications. "This is an important milestone in our strategy to focus the important active RFID market," said Rick Stephenson, President and CEO of Revere Security, "Evigia has shown a tremendous ability to deliver value to its clients across industries ranging from defense to cold chain. They operate right at the center of many of our key markets for secure RFID applications." Through this partnership Revere Security and Evigia will work together on joint product development, joint go-to-market approach for secure RFID solutions and a strategic roadmap to drive security technology innovation deeper into the wireless and sensor space.

Evigia is the industry-leading provider of ISO 18000-7 integrated Active RFID sensors, transponders, tags and readers. The Evigia products and solutions enhance performance, improve energy efficiency and lower the cost of asset-management throughout supply chains and sensing networks. "Revere Security offers a set of security capabilities that is unique in the world today," commented Navid Yazdi, CEO of Evigia. He continued: "The Hummingbird HB-2 cryptographic suite protects the identity of and data on our transponders, tags and readers. We are very excited to be the first to market with these very important solution capabilities."

Under the agreement, Evigia licenses Revere Security's Suite of cryptographic solutions including the Hummingbird HB-2 cipher and a highly optimized version of the AES-128 cipher as well as Revere Security's appliance for the secure and efficient distribution of symmetric keys in Edge Security applications. "These unique capabilities enable Evigia to not only encrypt data on tags and transponders, but equally important, to authenticate readers and tags in active RFID systems," said Erik Wood, VP of RFID at Revere Security. He continued "A third important capability of the Hummingbird HB-2 cryptographic suite is cloaking -- the ability of RFID tags to remain silent when they are interrogated by unknown readers." Revere Security's Hummingbird HB-2 cipher is the most power-efficient Edge Security solution available on the market today.

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About Revere Security

Revere Security is a privately owned company specializing in cryptographic data security solutions for small, power-constrained chips and devices. Revere Security's solutions rely on a remarkably simple, efficient and powerful algorithm co-developed by Revere Security Co-founder Eric Smith, Chief Cryptographer Whitfield Diffie and Chief Cryptanalyst Peter Schweitzer. The unique algorithm has been tested, analyzed and proven successful through rigorous study by former cryptanalysts from the National Security Agency. Revere Security safeguards solutions in embedded systems, RF communications, sensor technologies, mobile computing and more. The company is headquartered in Dallas. For more information on Revere Security, visit or email us at

About Evigia

Evigia is the industry leader in judicious utilization of integrated sensor and ASIC technologies to dramatically improve the functionality and cost of wireless and sensing products. These advances allow significant improvement in the performance and cost of asset-management supply chains and sensing networks. The network's functionality, visibility and security control are dramatically increased, while the underlying hardware products themselves benefit from smaller size, higher energy efficiency and lower cost with our solution approach. Supply-chain management networks built on these devices will enjoy an improved ROI along with significantly enhanced functionality, visibility and security control. Products in the EV3 family are fully compliant and interoperable within ISO 18000-7 systems. Visit us on the web at, or email us at


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