Reusable Filter Bags work with wet/dry vacuum systems.

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Compatible with Shop Vac, Ridge Tool, Craftsman, and Kenmore vacuum cleaners, Pre Filter Bags come in standard type for medium-sized dust particles and high-efficiency version for very fine dust particles. Made from non-woven polyester felt, bags have been tested for up to 120 lb without failure and can be continuously emptied and washed for reuse. Bags can also be manufactured to handle and contain hazardous materials.

Original Press Release:

Reusable Filter Bag for Wet Dry Vacuums

Pro Filter, Inc. developed a reusable filter bag that works within a wet/dry vacuum system. The filters are universal with vacuum cleaners like Shop Vac, Ridge Tool, Craftsman, Kenmore and others. This pre filter bag has many advantages over the traditional paper pre filter bag. There are two types of pre filter bags; one being the standard bag for medium sized dust particles and one is a high efficiency filter bag for very fine dust particles. Pro Filter's pre filter bags attach to the end of the hose going into the canister part of the vacuum with a very strong plastic collar that is thermo bonded to the filter bag. The pre filter bag is made from strong non woven polyester felt. A thick and dense material that has been needle punched so it can breathe and filter better than the competitive filter bag media. Air flow is more restrictive with the paper filter bags and plugs sooner. When paper filter bags plug or fill up it can cause the bag to fail due to weight of the material or pressure build up inside paper filter bag. Pro Filter's filter bag is very durable and tested up to 120 lbs without failure. During testing 120 lbs of sand dust was vacuumed into Pro Filter's filter bag and removed from the vacuum, then the bag was thrown on the ground and repeated several times with the same filter bag and had no bag failure. In addition there was no bag failure when vacuuming up glass, steel shavings, etc. Pro Filter's filter bag is very strong and can handle just about any job. Even water or damp material won't damage or affect the filtration process of Pro Filter's bag. Pro Filter's bag can be emptied and washed for reuse over and over again. This making Pro Filter's new pre filter bag green, environmentally friendly and a highly efficient bag. Pro Filter's standard filter bag out preformed the standard paper filter bag in numerous tests. The primary filter cartridge was much cleaner with less dust residue on the inside of the vacuum. The High Efficiency Pre Filter Bag was tested with chalk line dust by taking 10 lbs of blue chalk line powder and vacuuming it into the High Efficiency Filter Bag. After opening the vacuum the primary filter was snow white with no evidence of dust. The inside of the vacuum had no chalk residue anywhere. Also, the out side of the pre filter bag remained snow white like it had never been used. It was truly amazing. These filter bags can also be manufactured to handle and contain hazardous materials. There is a seal that is attached to the plastic collar so when you remove the filter bag you can seal the hole and contain all the hazardous material inside the filter bag so no one is exposed to it. Then you just simply dispose of this filter bag. With this new High Efficiency Filter Bag your wet/dry vacuum system may have just became the most efficient vacuum you own. Last, but not least, savings to the consumer. No need to buy any more paper pre filters bags, your primary filter will last longer and may never need replaced. Best of all your wet/dry vacuum will last longer, because the fine dust will not be circulating through the motor of the vacuum. Pro Filter, Inc. has developed a whole line of filter bags for all brands of vacuums cleaners. Pro Filter, Inc. has a Patent Pending on this new product line. If you would like more information on any of these products, please e-mail Pro Filter, Inc.

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