Reusable Electronic Seal can be customized to application.

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Featuring glass-filled nylon body, Crypta® Data II generates 4-digit random number every time it is sealed. Number remains unchanged until opened, enabling load security to be checked and verified at any time by pressing one button. Use of flash memory enables new features to be uploaded into unit to customize its functionality. With IrDA IR and RF capabilities, seal can incorporate remote sensors so that multiple-access load requires one securing point.

Original Press Release:

Unisto Adds New Features to New Look Crypta Data

Award winning security seal now customisable

Issued 10 March 2005

Unisto Electronic Seals has redesigned its award-winning, Crypta(r) Data electronic seal to improve the performance and provide the ability to customise features to suit a user's requirements. The unit automatically generates a four digit random number every time that it is sealed, which remains unchanged until it is opened. The number can be checked, and thereby the security of the load verified, at any time by pressing the display button that illuminates the display, which can be easily read in any lighting conditions.

Utilising the plastics expertise of its parent company Unisto Switzerland, Unisto Electronic Seals, formerly Encrypta, has developed a new, glass filled nylon body to replace the original die cast aluminium. The suitability of this material has been proven in the field, having used it on the company's highly successful Crypta C2K product. Further innovative design features mean that the new Crypta Data II will be superior to the original in both strength and durability, particularly regarding resisting salt attack.

"As we further develop our RFID and RF communications capabilities, using a plastic body was essential to both improve product performance and reduce end user costs," said Mark Hayward, Sales and Marketing Director of Unisto Electronic Seals.

The use of flash memory within the new electronics makes the Crypta Data II future proof as new features can be uploaded into the unit to customise its functionality. Additional security features have been included to prevent tampering and an IrDA infra-red capability enables data to be downloaded to any IrDA-equipped PDA or laptop for detailed analysis.

RF integration in the Crypta Data II Tag version enables the seal to communicate alarms to remote readers located on loading docks, yards, security gates or vehicle cabs. Also being electronic, remote sensors can be easily incorporated so that a multiple access load requires only one securing point.

Mark Hayward, added, "The new sleek 'manta ray' shape has been designed to be both aesthetically pleasing for the 21 century trucks and be functional in this harsh environment. Crypta Data II provides state of the art, highly reliable sealing and, because it is re-usable, it pays for itself in a short period of time compared with mechanical metal or plastic seals."

About Unisto

Founded as Stoffel and Co. in Horn Switzerland, in 1926, Unisto specialises in solutions that guarantee the security and authenticity of products and brands from manufacturing origin to point of sale.

An international company, Unisto has a reputation for innovative design. Close collaboration with customers and industry specialists drives the introduction of unique products in response to identified market needs, using the latest materials and technology.

Unisto Electronic Seals, formerly Encrypta, has a history of nearly twenty years of being the pioneers of re-usable electronic sealing systems that are used by most of the leading retailers and distribution companies in the UK as well as being used by companies around the world.

The Unisto name is a symbol of originality and authenticity around the world, assisting our clients to:

o Clearly identify and enhance the image of their products and company

o Protect goods, premises and sensitive equipment or information against tampering and theft

For further information, please contact:

Unisto Electronic Seals, Waterside Court, Albany Street, Newport, South Wales NP20 5NT. Tel: +44 (0)1633 859859. Fax: +44 (0)1633 859755 Email:

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