Returnable Containers offer 2-step assembly.

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Hand-held, collapsible SmartCrate(TM) plastic containers provide transport of perishables and other products to retailers, as well as plant-to-plant transfer of work-in-process materials. Units are 48 x 40 in. GMA pallet compatible and cross-stackable. Reinforced corners and vertical walls optimize stacking strength. Return ratio is 5.5 collapsed containers for every 1 set up container.

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IPL Offers SmartCrate(TM) Collapsible, Returnable Container

IPL Material Handling, a leader in reusable container innovation, offers its full line of SmartCrate(TM) hand-held, collapsible plastic containers. SmartCrates are returnable, collapsible containers originally developed for transporting perishables and other products to retail as well as plant-to-plant transfers of work-in-process materials. IPL's SmartCrate series offers innovations and design features which optimize the benefits of returnable containers within existing supply chains, specifically for the distribution of perishables and goods in the produce, meat and poultry, dairy and retail industries.

These collapsible crates offer an intuitive 2-step assembly, high cube utilization, and a high return ratio, dramatically reducing handling, freight and storage costs when compared to single-use boxes or other returnable plastic containers. Additionally, the SmartCrates are 48"x40" GMA pallet compatible and cross-stackable, as well as offer increased stacking strength and durability for superior product protection.

Key benefits of the SmartCrate include:
o Reduced shipping costs: SmartCrates can be collapsed when empty, significantly reducing return freight costs. The return ratio is 5.5 collapsed containers for every 1 set up container.
o Cross-stacking: Cross-stacking features permit the layers of crates to interlock, thereby stabilizing the load. This reduces or eliminates the need for secondary packaging to secure the load.
o Stacking strength and durability: Reinforced corners and vertical walls allow for increased stacking strength than nestable containers.

The SmartCrate's significant advantages over traditional nestable containers extend economic viability of returnable containers into new areas such as produce, case-ready meat, and other commodities shipped to retail, as well as long distance work-in-progress shipments. Several models and sizes are available in the SmartCrate series.

IPL is a North American injection molding and extrusion product leader. It was the first injection molder in North America to earn ISO 9001 quality certification. It achieved QS 9000 certification in 1998. The company's headquarters are in St. Damien, Quebec. Total sales for fiscal 2002-2003 were a record $203 million (CND) servicing the material handling, custom molding, packaging, and environmental markets.

For more information on SmartCrate or IPL, visit the company's Web site at or call 1-800-818-1318.

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