Retail Shipper eliminates unbalanced pallet configurations.

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Consisting of 2 shrink-wrapped, shelf-ready trays that form one secure cube bundle, Retail-Ready Shipper can be stacked to ensure stable pallet load. At retail store, trays are separated from bundle and placed onto shelves. Each tray also serves as multi-pack that can encourage high volume retail sales. For retailer convenience, shipper can be configured with trays combined in nose-to-nose, back-to-back, or side-by-side orientations to meet stock handling requirements.

Original Press Release:

Delkor Systems Breaks the Mold with its New Retail-Ready Shipper

Circle Pines, MN . . . No heavy lifting and clumsy in-store handling, no excess material to dispose of, no unbalanced pallet configurations, no slow or harmful stocking operations. Delkor Systems, a leader in innovative packaging systems, has eliminated those traditional shipper challenges with its new, patented Retail-Ready Shipper. Two shrink-wrapped shelf-ready trays form one secure cube bundle that can be stacked to form a stable pallet load. Then at the end of their journey the trays are separated from the bundle and easily placed onto retail shelves.

For retailer convenience, the Retail-ready Shipper can be configured with trays combined in nose-to-nose, back-to-back or side-by-side orientations to meet stock handling requirements. At the retail location, encapsulating film is quickly removed and the trays are ready for stocking--primary containers do not have to be removed from the trays. Each tray also serves as an attractive multi pack that can encourage higher volume retail sales.

In addition to these retail benefits, the Delkor Retail-Ready Shipper gives packagers secure shipping and lower shipping material costs, and retailers the environmental benefit of less packaging material to dispose of and overall greater efficiency in getting products from the shipper to the shelf.

Delkor Retail-Ready Shippers use 11% to 30% less packaging material than conventional secondary packaging, making them more sustainable, but without sacrificing equivalent structural strength. The stability of the Ready-Retail Shipper means more bundles can be loaded onto a pallet, and shrink film over wrap creates easy-to-handle bundles for shelf stocking.

Delkor Systems, Inc. designs and manufactures end-of-line automated packaging systems that provide robust, innovative solutions for carton forming and closing, secondary packaging, top load case packing, tray packaging, and robotic palletizing. Delkor automated solutions, coupled with our innovative package material designs and formats, dramatically lower material costs and boost output and productivity, helping customers achieve growth, sustainability, and profitability goals.

Delkor's unique position, among secondary packaging machine builders, as a single-source provider for both packaging materials and equipment is the foundation for our quality and service advantage. Delkor has served North American packaged goods companies for more than thirty-five years, earning our reputation as a trusted provider of dependable, inventive packaging solutions that deliver superior value.

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