Retail Shelf Lamps offer 39 W operation.

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Featuring arc tube construction that eliminates color shift, ConstantColor® CMH® Ultra 39 W Lamps offer high color rendering throughout life and exhibit minimal lamp-to-lamp color variation. They also have high lumen maintenance, to offer more usable light over lamp life; provide consistent color uniformity; and represent all colors in visible light spectrum. Ceramic metal halide lamps work with electronic or electromagnetic ballasts and at all burn angles.

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GE's New ConstantColor® CMH® Ultra 39 W Lamp Offers Exceptional Lumen Maintenance and Consistent Color Quality

CLEVELAND - Retailers searching for the next big thing to "light" their shelves this season should look no further than GE Lighting's expanding line of ConstantColor® CMH® Ultra lamps. Following the 2009 release of the 70-watt Ultra lamp, the new 39-watt Ultra lamp improves the overall appearance of merchandise with its outstanding lumen maintenance, improved color rendering index and consistent color quality.

Lumen maintenance

GE Ultra technology offers the highest lumen maintenance of GE's low watt ceramic metal halide lamp range. With high lumen maintenance, retailers get more usable light over lamp life, so products and merchandise are lit better for longer.

Additionally, Ultra gives designers greater flexibility in design as they could opt for fewer fixtures over a given space because there is technically more 'usable' light from the lamps or higher lumen maintenance. This can mean using 19 to 25 percent fewer fixtures* per store, saving retailers money in installation, operation and maintenance.

Color quality

GE's 39-watt Ultra lamp provides brilliant color rendering and consistent color uniformity to enhance colors and patterns. Ultra lamps offer an excellent representation of all colors in the spectrum and reds, yellows and browns are brought vividly to life. Thanks to an innovative arc tube construction that eliminates color shift, Ultra lamps offer high color rendering for the life of the lamp and exhibit minimal lamp-to-lamp color variation, ensuring consistency throughout the store so that retailers can display products exactly as they are meant to be showcased.

"The 39-watt is a natural extension of our impressive lineup of ceramic metal halide lamps to provide designers with more flexibility and specifiers with more options when fitting a new store or replacing lamps in existing ceramic metal halide fittings," says Linda Pastor, product manager, GE Lighting. "These lamps deliver high color rendering to produce crisp, white light to keep lighting consistent, longer and more efficient than many other options, which is appealing during any retail season." The lamps work either with electronic or electromagnetic ballasts and at all burn angles.

The ConstantColor CMH Ultra 39-watt lamp was showcased at Lightfair International in Las Vegas, Nevada and will be available throughout North America, Europe and the Asia Pacific region. For more information on the ConstantColor CMH Ultra line, please visit,

* Design @ Mean Lumens: 26% more store lumens, 25% less fixtures per store

Design @ End of Rated Life: 37% more store lumens, 19% less fixtures/store

Assumes lighting a 50-fixture store relative to light levels using standard GE CMH® lamps

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