Respirator System provides fresh air.

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NIOSH approved Pro Air supplied-air-respirator (SAR) protects workers from paint mists and fumes, chemical and welding fumes, and vapors and dust from sand blasting and sanding. It uses turbine to provide constant flow of 7 cfm of cool, fresh air. SAR is available in configurations for 1 or 2 users, with air supply hoses from 40-80 ft and choice of half-masks, full face masks and protective hoods for painting or sandblasting.

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Pro Air Supplied-Air-Respirator (SAR) System

Chicago IL-The new Pro Air supplied-air-respirator (SAR) system from Axis Products may be the simplest and least expensive way to protect yourself from the life-threatening hazards of paint mists and fumes, chemical and welding fumes and vapors and dust from sand blasting, sanding and other nasty stuff that can steal your breath away. It also is the perfect answer when you're forced to work in confined areas with inadequate ventilation. There's no question that modern paints with isocyanate-based hardeners can be deadly, and so can many commonly used chemicals and cleaners, even when used in a well ventilated spray booth or work area. And now we know that exposing your lungs to many kinds of dust are just is dangerous! It is no longer a question of if breathing them can kill you, but simply a question of when! Unlike filter systems that attempt to make ordinary shop compressed air breathable, or SAR systems based on tiny oil-less compressors, the Pro-Air uses a smooth, quiet and very powerful turbine to provide a constant flow of about 7 cfm of cool, fresh air to the positive pressure face mask. Breathing is easy, natural and comfortable because you're never trying to pull air through partially clogged filters and the part of your face covered by the mask is constantly bathed in a cool, refreshing breeze of fresh air. Connections are snap together fittings and the masks attach at a convenient beltline hookup. The NIOSH approved Pro Air system is available in a variety of configurations for one or two users, with air supply hoses from 40-feet to 80-feet in length and a choice of half-masks, full face masks and protective hoods for painting or sandblasting. The compact size makes the system easily portable and easily stored, and it can be plugged into any 110 outlet. Accessories are available for remote air intake and through-the- wall air supply installations such as spray booths. All components are designed for commercial use and are covered by a full one year warranty. Manufacturer's suggested retail prices start at low $699 for a complete Pro Air system. As a very cost-effective alternative for hobbyists or home users, Axis also offers the HobbyAir system. Although the HobbyAir system is not NIOSH approved, and cannot therefore be used for applications where such approval is required, it provides the same level of performance and incorporates almost all of the features, user benefits and optional accessories such as face masks, hoods, etc. of the Pro Air systems but at a significantly lower price point. The manufacturer stresses that "used as directed, the HobbyAir system can provide the same level of personal protection as the Pro Air model for hobbyists, home handymen and others who are working with paints, chemicals or in other potentially hazardous environments." Manufacturer's suggested retail prices start at $399 for a complete basic system. Photo Caption: Breathe Easy! The new Pro Air SAR (supplied-air-respirator) provides 7cfm of cool, fresh breathable air no matter what environment you are working in. The NIOSH-approved system is said to be extremely comfortable, and is recommended for spray painters, welders, sand blasters, maintenance workers and any others who may encounter hazardous or contaminated air in their workplace.

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