Respirator Fit Tester measures best fit for individual.

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OSHA-accepted PORTACOUNT® N95 quantitatively measures how well N95 respirators fit. Software automates fit test, eliminating procedural errors, and stores results in database. PRESSURA® room controls, suited for airborne-isolation rooms, measure actual room pressure differential, warning health-care staff if it drops to unsafe levels. Controller versions modulate exhaust air volume to correct for room pressure fluctuations as they occur.

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TSI Limits Airborne Infectious Disease

May 9, 2003 - Recent events, including the outbreak of Sudden Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS), West Nile virus, and hantavirus, have brought airborne infectious disease back into focus. These diseases are a wake-up call, warning us to remain vigilant for other new diseases. For example, fear of SARS has the potential to wreak havoc on our health-care system. Hospitals have reported patients coming in fearful that they have contracted SARS. Other hospitals have been forced to temporarily close after outbreaks spread through them.

Protecting health-care staff and patients from new diseases requires utmost care. Until proven otherwise, any new malady should be considered airborne infectious. Health precautions used for tuberculosis should also be used for other airborne infectious diseases, including SARS. These precautions include outfitting health-care workers with N95 masks when in the presence of infected patients and isolating infected patients.

N95 respirators are designed to protect the wearer from contracting airborne infectious disease. Yet, an N95 respirator must fit properly to offer any protection. TSI's OSHA-accepted PORTACOUNT(r) respirator fit tester quantitatively measures how well a respirator fits on an individual. With the PORTACOUNT, administrators can be confident that at-risk healthcare workers are assigned the right size mask, and also verify that the worker knows how to use the respirator properly. Software automates the fit test and eliminates the procedural errors common to other fit test methods. Results are stored in a database for easy report generation in case hard-copy documentation of the fit test is needed.

Placing infected patients in airborne isolation rooms can also significantly lessen the risk of transmitting unknown diseases. Airborne isolation rooms are held at a lower pressure than adjoining spaces, thereby containing infectious particles. TSI's PRESSURA(r) room controls measure the actual room pressure differential, warning health-care staff if it drops to an unsafe level. Controller versions of the PRESSURA go a step further by modulating the exhaust air volume to correct for room pressure fluctuations as they occur.

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