Resist Stripper cleans tight spaces.

Press Release Summary:

Type SR-301CM removes dry-film resist particles from spaces smaller than 2 mil and cleans stains from ferrous and non-ferrous metals in one step. It also removes over-cured photoresist and eliminates redeposition of resist particles. Stripper contains no glycol-ether solvents or SARA Title III, Section 313 reportable chemicals. It contains copper brighteners and anti-tarnish agents that produce uniform etching characteristics.

Original Press Release:

Chemelex® Heavy Duty Resist Stripper Attacks Tight Spaces and Tough Stains

Milwaukee, WI...SR-301CM, designed to remove resist particles from extremely tight spaces and clean stains from both ferrous and nonferrous metals in a one-step process, was recently released by the Chemelex Division of RBP Chemical Technology.

SR-301CM has heavy duty cleaning power that can quickly and effectively remove dry film resist from spaces smaller than 2mil. It can also efficiently remove over-cured photoresist and eliminate the redeposition of resist particles.

This Resist Stripper eliminates the need for two-step cleaning, as it effectively removes resist stains from a variety of mixed metal substrates during the stripping process. SR-301CM contains no glycol ether solvents or SARA Title III, Section 313 reportable chemicals.

SR-301CM contains copper brighteners and antitarnish agents to produce a bright, uniform copper surface for AOI and more uniform etching characteristics.

RBP Chemical Technology is an ISO 9001 certified company that has been a leader in serving the printed circuit board industry for more than 25 years. For more information on SR-301CM or other RBP products, call 800-558-0747 or visit our web site at

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