Resettable Devices protect control boards by limiting current.

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PolySwitch® LVR Series PPTC (polymeric positive temperature coefficient) devices are rated at 240 Vac, permitting maximum voltages up to 265 Vac, and are available in hold currents from 50 to 400 mA. Thermally active devices help protect against overcurrent and overtemperature faults on primary side of power supplies and transformers. Units come in straight-lead or kinked-lead configurations.

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New LVR Series of PolySwitch(TM) Devices Provide Overcurrent and Overtemperature Protection in Line Voltage Applications at 240Vac

MENLO PARK, CA- May 6, 2002- Tyco Electronics announces the introduction of a new Raychem Circuit Protection product series, the LVR series of PolySwitch® resettable devices. Designed for use in line voltage applications, the LVR series PPTC (polymeric positive temperature coefficient) devices are rated at 240Vac, permitting maximum voltages of up to 265Vac, and are available in hold currents from 50 to 400mA. The thermally active devices can help protect against both overcurrent and overtemperature faults on the primary side of power supplies and transformers.

The LVR device was developed to help prevent damage to control boards and components by limiting current in the event of a load-side short-circuit or overdraw, or improper incoming voltage. Unlike a single-shot current fuse, the resettable LVR device can help protect against conditions where faults may cause a rise in temperature with only a slight increase in current draw. When installed on the primary side of the circuit, in proximity to potential heat-generating components such as magnetics, FETs, or
power resistors, the LVR device can help provide both overcurrent and overtemperature protection with a single installed component.

The properties of the LVR device offer distinct benefits in transformer protection designs. The surface temperature of the LVR device in the high resistance state is well within the range of most transformer winding insulation ratings. This low temperature operation, combined with small size, low resistance
and good thermal shock tolerance, allows the LVR device to be mounted in direct contact with the transformer windings for a faster response to potential fault conditions.

"For many years, circuit designers have relied on PPTC devices for secondary-side protection. This development makes possible, for the first time, resettable PPTC circuit protection on the primary side of power circuitry," said Steve Zalewski, Industrial Market Manager for Tyco Electronics Power Components. "Higher voltage ratings and the thermal characteristics of the LVR series PolySwitch device make it a logical and innovative solution for power supply and charger designs," he added.

The LVR devices are available in straight-lead or kinked-lead configurations, and can be supplied in tape-and-reel packaging for compatibility with high-volume assembly. UL, CSA, and TUV
certifications are currently pending. For further information or technical assistance, call (800) 227-7040, or visit

Starting Price: $0.20 - 0.34 each in 250K/yr volumes

Availability: Samples available now

Delivery: Lead-time is 8 weeks ARO


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