Reseller Management System addresses software sales.

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Optimized to help software vendors manage their channel activity, ARMS v3.0 delivers intuitive management interface, real-time alerts on channel KPIs, and flexible partnership program management. Toolset lets clients control their entire distribution channel, from setting credit limits to full end-customer information access. Also, pricing schemes and payment methods, multi-language ordering interfaces, and customized reseller communications facilitate global selling of software.

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Avangate Launches ARMS 3.0 - Reseller Management System for Software Sales

Increased efficiency in managing a global distribution network for software vendors

Amstelveen, The Netherlands - May 6, 2009 - Avangate, full service provider of electronic software distribution and reseller management solutions for software vendors, today announced the launch of version 3.0 of ARMS - its proprietary Reseller Management System. ARMS 3.0 has been optimized to assist software vendors manage their channel activity easier and more efficiently through improved usability and enhanced dashboard.

Using an advanced and easy to use toolset designed for software sales, ARMS clients are empowered to control their entire distribution channel - from setting credit limits to full access to end-customer information. ARMS 3.0 comes with an intuitive management interface, real time alerts on key channel performance indicators and greater flexibility in partnership program management. Statistics on partner dynamics and improved graphical reports are also part of the upgrade.

"ARMS provides tools to attract and support international resellers, with a focus on automation and revenue growth", commented Carmen Sebe, CEO of Avangate. "Software vendors with large, multi-tiered distribution networks routinely face time and efficiency constraints when servicing their resellers. To alleviate these daily burdens and focus on growth, vendors rely on partner relationship management systems such as ARMS. The improved ARMS 3.0 platform allows software vendors to be freed from the day-to-day tasks of channel management and concentrate on growing profitable partnerships", concluded Sebe.

The system is designed to automate order processing, license key allocation and invoicing, allowing vendors to sell securely 24x7, 365 days a year, ensuring the fastest time to market. With multiple pricing schemes and payment methods, multi-language ordering interfaces, customized reseller communications, ARMS 3.0 makes it easier for vendors to sell software on a global scale.

"Following two years of strong activity, the new ARMS Control Panel is an evolution for the software selling process designed to improve software vendors ' channel sales performance and business efficiency" states Laurentiu Ghenciu, Avangate Global Sales Manager. "Clients such as BitDefender, Markzware, Lavasoft or Lavalys have been using ARMS successfully to manage their channel business World Wide. We are thrilled to bring the latest web technologies and trends together to offer an improved and more user friendly business platform. Client feedback has been very positive so far", added Ghenciu.

Avangate offers a complete solution for software sales, assisting software vendors worldwide sell their software online as well as through channel and distribution networks. For more information or to request a free trial of ARMS 3.0, go to

About Avangate

Avangate provides electronic software distribution and reseller management solutions, assisting software companies worldwide in successfully selling their products online and at the same time efficiently managing a distribution network.

Tailored for software sales, the company's offer includes a full-featured secure eCommerce platform, results-driven web marketing services, an affiliate network and the ARMS reseller management system. Avangate's expertise in the software business can help vendors increase their visibility on the Internet, maximize access to additional selling channels and generate software sales online and offline.

More information can be found on the corporate website, at and on the company's blog, at

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