Replace Radioactive Tritium Exit Signs with Environmentally Friendly Signs

Expired or damaged radioactive tritium exit signs can be replaced with EverGlow (non-electrical) Photoluminescent Exit Signs.

Photoluminescent Exit Signs saves money on disposal and other operating costs. EverGlow has introduced signs that contain ZERO radioactive, toxic or vinyl components and have no lamps, LEDs or batteries to maintain or replace. Photoluminescent signs are "always on", always absorbing and storing energy from interior lighting.

Increase reliability, increase safety. Save lives during an emergency evacuation with the proven reliability and effectiveness of non-electrical photoluminescent lighting technology.

EverGlow exit signs are tested and listed to the same performance standard as all exit signs and emergency lighting - UL924. The sign faces are 100% aluminum and architectural framing systems contain a high post consumer recycled content.

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