Replace Diffuser Sleeves to Improve Performance

Aqua-Aerobic Systems, Inc. offers replacement diffuser sleeves for fine bubble diffusers for AquaSBR® systems or other activated sludge processes. This new program is designed to return the diffused air system back to peak operating efficiency. Reduced efficiency is often due to an aging system. Diffuser headloss increases and SOTE decreases due to hardening of the sleeves as plasticizers slowly leach out, or as metal salts oxidize and plate to the surface of the rubber. Operating symptoms may include increased blower pressure, reduced oxygen transfer efficiency, and unusual bubble patterns.

To improve diffuser performance and increase power savings, Aqua-Aerobic will supply replacement sleeves made of the highest quality EPDM rubber and match your original diffuser equipment to guarantee correct application. The sleeves are shipped directly from Aqua-Aerobic's factory for fast delivery. In addition, Aqua-Aerobic offers competitive pricing and customer service after the sale to ensure your system keeps operating efficiently. Please call to verify if your application is compatible with our replacement sleeves program. To view our customer service programs online go to

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