Repair Compund is designed for marine use.

Press Release Summary:

Used above or below water on vessel's surface, Marine Repair Compound consists of 2-part epoxy that can be painted and sanded. Product repairs anything from fiberglass and plastic to aluminum and wood and also aids in procedures such as bolt or cleat repair and installation. It dries white and cures in 2-4 hr, depending on temperature. Also available, acrylic version is offered for making repairs above water.

Original Press Release:

Aquabond Introduces New Marine Repair Compound

Aquabond announces the availability of its new innovative Marine Repair Compound. The new Marine Repair Compound is a 2-part sandable and paintable epoxy that can be used on any vessel's surface, including boats and campers. Whether above or below water, Aquabond's Marine Repair Compound will repair anything from fiberglass and plastic to aluminum and wood. The Marine Repair Compound also makes procedures like bolt or cleat repair and installation a simple and hassle-free process.

For quick and seamless repairs, Aquabond's Marine Repair Compound dries white and cures in two to four hours, depending on temperature, reducing downtime. Aquabond also offers an acrylic for making similar repairs above water. The 2-part acrylic may also be used in boat construction and manufacturing and dries quickly.

Aquabond's New Repair Compound was originally formulated as an underwater pool repair epoxy. Boat owners, camper owners or even homeowners may find the Marine Repair Compound useful when making emergency repairs and when performing simple maintenance procedures.

For more information on the Aquabond Marine Repair Compound, contact Contractors Source Inc, 347 Votan Road, Apopka, Florida 32703. 1-800-334-1996.

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